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Nvidia’s great leap forward; taking a look at Digital Reality.

by david.nunes

GraphicSpeak Weekly Newsletter

May 21, 2012

Nvidia’s great leap forward; taking a look at Digital Reality. The GraphicSpeak weekly update.

Nvidia used the venue of its big annual party for GPU programmers to debut a great array of new technology. The Kepler generation of GPU processing power is way more than an upgrade. The new technology is much more energy efficient, much more powerful, and comes with new virtualization technology that will revolutionize the use of GPU technology in cloud computing.

Every few years bits and pieces of new technology find each other and become a new category. Jon Peddie Research sees this happening right now in the interrelationships between 3D printing, LIDAR, 3D laser scanning, and other technologies that allow data to move from part to art and from art to part. Check out Kathleen Maher’s discussion of Digital Reality, along with the rest of our recent coverage from the world of technical graphics in GraphicSpeak.

Nvidia launches the Kepler era of virtual GPU computing and accessible HPC

Nvidia says previously unobtainable performance opens the door to a variety of possibilities including streaming games like movies or doing sophisticated simulations from the cloud. Power efficiency gains are as important as the graphics gains.

Redefining production in the age of Digital Reality

Software is transforming every stage of the manufacturing process. Small companies with niche technologies are being gobbled up. Introducing the Digital Reality market; commentary by Kathleen Maher.

Autodesk reports 11% first quarter revenue growth

Strong performance by suites drives results. Media and Entertainment revenue was down 5%.

Siemens PLM says there’s new wind in the Velocity sails

Now known as the Mainstream Engineering group, the Siemens PLM division responsible for Solid Edge says business is booming. A reference customer says SolidWorks should be worried.

Promoting the big video toolbox at NAB

Everybody wants to be the preferred vendor of end-to-end tools for digital video production. Act of Valor proves affordable cinema tools can do the job.

3D printing industry grew nearly 30 percent in 2011

The information comes from The Wohlers Report. Now in its 17th year, it has become the authoritative guide to additive manufacturing and related technologies.

EOS bringing inventor Dean Kamen to Rapid 2012

The maker of laser sintering 3D printing devices is sponsoring a user day at the annual additive manufacturing event.

Bloom Unit brings real-time photorealism and collaboration to SketchUp 3D models

Former Mental Images technology drives the ability to send live rendering to any connected device.

Sketchfab puts 3D content on the web for free

New website allows anyone to publish interactive 3D content online; all it takes is a WebGL-compatible browser.

Luxion releases free KeyShot plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max

The plug-in enables a one-click workflow connecting Keyshot and 3ds Max.

Dell introduces 4-GPU server with Citrix certification

The Precision R5500 uses Nvidia’s new VGX technology to virtualize graphics performance.

Nvidia Tesla K10 GPU targets oil and gas exploration, defense industry image processing

First Kepler-generation GPU reaches out to two markets with big data sets and budgets to match.

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