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O2 chooses Jacada Agent Scripting Product Suite to enable its Gurussupport team

by david.nunes

O2 chooses Jacada Agent Scripting Product Suite (JAS) to enable its Gurus support team

Achieved 25 percent decrease in repeat calls and 50 percent reduction in escalated call

LondonJacada Inc., a leading global provider of call centre technology designed to improve the customer experience, announced that Telefónica O2 UK has chosen Jacada Agent Scripting (JAS) Product Suite to enable its Gurus support team to deliver superior customer service.

Telefónica O2’s Gurus business is described internally as “the home of all things technical for Telefónica O2,” and thus covers a wide variety of products and services that may require support. A key part of Telefónica O2’s business objectives relies on its ability to sustain its market differentiation by offering a superior service in both its product and customer support. For all of these reasons, Telefónica O2 looked to Jacada to help support these important initiatives, since Jacada was already a trusted IT partner.

Telefónica O2’s advisors had been using a sophisticated knowledge-based tool to diagnose anyproblems that customers were experiencing with their home broadband.

Telefónica O2 wanted a greater level of control and flexibility in defining and managing its customer interactions from within the actual operation, as well as the ability to respond rapidly to changing business needs by “tweaking” the way in which its advisors were interacting with customers at any given time. Having already used Jacada’s unified desktop solution extensively across the sales and service organisation as its strategic advisor desktop, Telefónica O2 decided to trial Jacada Agent Scripting (JAS) Product Suite as a way of addressing these issues for its Gurus support team.

“One of the main benefits of JAS is that it has transformed a technical procedure into something that can be handled easily by the wider advisor community,” said Mark Frowde, Head of Gurus Incubation and Innovation at Telefónica O2. “We’ve seen a significant reduction in Average Handling Time. JAS is great at presenting complex processes as a simple and easy to follow guide. There are a number of knowledge management solutions out there, but the fact that JAS is so simple to create, update and enhance makes it different. JAS has helped us improve our fix rates and also really helps to reduce hand-offs [to second tier support]. For all of these reasons, JAS is really helping us to create even more fans of O2.”

JAS, as part of the Jacada solution, makes it possible to bring a dynamic element to customer interactions, based on real-time customer information, in order to ensure that each call could be handled exactly as intended by the business.

“We provide a great deal of training for our employees, but only need to allow 1.5 hours for JAS, since the product is so intuitive and easy to use. As a result, we were able to reduce our overall staff training times down from five weeks to just three” adds Julia Murphy, Continuous Improvement Manager at Telefónica O2.

Key benefits to TelefónicaO2 of implementing JAS

·         Reduction in AHT of 40 seconds per call

·         50 percent reduction in writing up call notes

·         Nearly 50 percent reduction of faults escalated to second-tier support

·         25 percent decrease in repeat calls

·         Improved First Call Resolution

·         Training time for advisors down from five to three weeks

·         Improved Customer Experience through faster problem diagnosis and resolution

·         Complex interactions can now be simplified and standardised for use by a less technical, broader, advisor community



About Telefónica O2 UK

Telefónica O2 UK is a leading communications company for consumers and businesses in the UK, with more than 22 million customers and over 700,000 fixed broadband customers. The company is part of Telefónica Europe plc, a business division of Telefónica S.A., which uses Telefónica O2 as its commercial brand in the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic, with more than 56 million customers across these markets. Telefónica O2 employs around 11,000 people in the UK and has 450 retail stores.

About Jacada

Jacada provides solutions that optimize and improve the effectiveness of customer service interactions.  Jacada agent desktop and process optimisation solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment.
Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; Herzliya, Israel; and Stockholm, Sweden. More information is available at 

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