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O3b Networks now fully operational

by david.nunes

O3b Networks now fully operational

Expanded satellite constellation now serving a Global customer base

Launch of a further 4 satellites scheduled for early 2015

St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands: O3b has today confirmed that in-orbit testing of its latest satellites has been successfully completed and the satellites have been commissioned into the O3b constellation. The expanded constellation is now fully operational allowing the company to launch services on a global basis.

O3b already has customers in commercial service in markets ranging from the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Connection to the low latency, high capacity service has allowed O3b’s Telco customers to launch 3G mobile voice and data services into markets where only mobile voice services were supported previously.

The reaction to O3b’s service to date has been spectacular as service statistics from customer field deployments confirm that O3b is meeting or exceeding its comprehensive Service Level Agreements including link up-time, latency and throughput. O3b’s trunking solution, O3bTrunk, is breaking records with satellite links currently supporting more than 600 Mbps into a single site.  Several customers have already increased their commitment to O3b, demonstrating an expansion in demand for high performing and appropriately priced services.

Steve Collar, O3b, CEO said:

“The exciting part of our challenge now is keeping up with demand.  We have 28 signed customers who are eagerly anticipating service activation and all have heard the reaction from customers already in service.  We have created the ‘WOW’ factor with our early customer service, largely because in today’s world of enterprise and consumer applications, the core attributes of O3b’s affordable, low latency, high throughput service delivers performance never previously seen over satellite. As one leading CEO from our customer base recently commented ’there is no way back to geo-stationary – the performance penalty would be too great.”

 About O3b Networks Limited

O3b Networks Limited is a global satellite service provider building a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, enterprise and government customers in emerging markets. The O3b system combines the global reach of satellite with the speed of a fiber-optic network providing billions of consumers and businesses in nearly 180 countries with low-cost, high-speed, low latency Internet and mobile connectivity.  O3b Networks’ investors include SES, Google, Liberty Global, HSBC Principal Investments, Northbridge Venture Partners, Allen & Company, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Sofina, Satya Capital and Luxempart. O3b Networks is headquartered in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.


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