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Ofcom consults on roaming alerts but the problem is the high cost of travel data… avoid “rip-off roaming” with eSIMs from easySim.global

by Anthony Weaver

_Portsmouth, Hampshire UK 31 July 2023_

The telecoms regulator Ofcom recently announced proposals aimed at
addressing the risks of using smartphone data abroad, as some customers
face unexpectedly high bills on their return. But there is no reason to
delay acting on “rip-off roaming” charges as easySim.global [1], a new
Portsmouth based provider of low-cost travel data, offers travellers
immediate protection from bill shock with great value eSIM’s covering
150+ countries worldwide [2].

The lack of understanding around roaming charges is widespread, as
Ofcom’s research found that 19% of holidaymakers[1] [3] did not know
they could face extra charges when using their mobile abroad.
Consequently, the regulator has begun consultation on its proposals to
alert UK travellers to the costs of data roaming abroad, and a final
decision on forcing mobile networks to warn their customers about
roaming charges is expected next year.

However, these proposals to tackle “rip-off roaming” do nothing to help
holidaymakers this summer, nor has the regulator any power to force
networks to lower the charges faced by UK smartphone users abroad. The
answer to costly international data roaming charges is a travel data
eSIM [4] bought online from easySim.global [5], which is part of the
easy family of companies, so it can be relied on to deliver
exceptional value for consumers.

Since Brexit, EU regulations forcing UK networks to provide “roam like
at home” terms to all mobile customers travelling within the EU (and EEA
countries) ceased to apply. “Roam like at home” was popular with
customers using data in summer holiday destinations such as France,
Spain and Croatia, giving confidence that any usage came from their
monthly allowance.

These protections no longer apply, with most major UK networks now
imposing daily charges for data usage in the EU. Cost-conscious UK
holidaymakers travelling to EU countries can save with an eSIM from
easySim.global even over short trips, with a 1GB eSIM for Spain [6] (and
covering 34 other European countries) priced at only £3.50, with a 7
day validity. easySim’s bigger bundles offer even greater savings over
longer stays, such as 5GB of travel data for Spain [7] at only £10,
valid for 30 days.

Roaming costs outside the EU have never been regulated and continue to
present the highest risks to UK smartphone users. Visitors to popular
destinations such as Turkey [8], USA [9] and Dubai [10] can face
extortionate “out-of-bundle” charges for data from UK networks, leaving
them to rely on unsafe Wi-Fi connections in hotels and cafes or to
disable data roaming, meaning no more apps. Some people simply switch
off their phones altogether and cannot be contacted at all. An eSIM from
easySim.global can be installed instantly on the majority of smartphones
simply using a QR code sent by email.

Ofcom suggests SMS alerts are sent to users clarifying the charges they
face as they arrive in a new country, along with any limits and fair
usage data caps that apply[2] [11]. While this move is welcome, it has
to be recognised that many networks already offer similar information,
albeit with out-of-bundle tariffs often found deep inside company
websites in contract small print. easySim believes that the key issue to
the consumer is the cost of “rip-off roaming” and will remain so
regardless of the regulations, which is why it is taking on the “big
boys” of the UK mobile networks with low cost travel data eSIMs –
compare our prices for your holiday destination here [12].

easySim.global Director Jim Guest says of the Ofcom proposals:

_”It’s good to keep customers informed by text about their exposure to
roaming charges, and I’ve long felt that international data tariffs are
unnecessarily complex and can be hidden away. But the main issue with
out of bundle roaming is that the networks make it too expensive, so it
will pay to get a travel data eSIM from easySim.global regardless of any
new regulations. Ofcom can’t change the prices networks charge for data
abroad, and our roaming rates are competitive around the world.”_

Aside from offering great value, all easySim bundles allow connection
speeds up to 5G (where available) and allow for tethering to devices
such as laptops, making them ideal for business travel or staying in
touch with the office when you are away. easySim customers can also
connect to multiple Tier One networks in most countries, giving the best
coverage and choice wherever you roam.

How to get started
Check your phone is eSIM compatible then register for the service at
www.easySim.global [13] and purchase the right data bundle for your
destination. You will receive a QR code by email which you use to
activate your eSIM.

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