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Oi begins to update its broadband network to boost streaming quality

by david.nunes

Oi begins to update its broadband network to boost streaming quality

New network architecture will boost quality and download speed of high definition videos, in addition to reducing the company’s operating costs

The goal is to reach approximately 6 million landline and mobile broadband customers by 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 05, 2015

Oi has begun implementation of a new broadband data communication network architecture which will boost the efficiency of services provided to its customers and reduce the company’s infrastructure costs. The new network architecture will enable Oi landline and mobile broadband customers to enjoy faster downloads, watch high-definition video channels with superior quality, and make voice and videos calls. The innovation enables the efficient use of all bandwidth available during peak consumption periods to avoid network congestion and slowdowns.

Oi’s implementation of a “single edge” architecture began in late 2014 as part of a technology partnership with Alcatel-Lucent, an IP, cloud and ultra-broadband specialist. The deployment of Alcatel-Lucent’s 7750 Service Router at the network edge enables providers to offer access network services, such as mobile, broadband, IPTV and B2B from a single platform. By eliminating the need for individual management of each type of access network, the single edge architecture helps Oi solve problems faster as well as minimize maintenance and operation costs. This innovation will allow a reduction of nearly half of the equipment currently installed at Oi’s IP access network plant.

The implementation of the new architecture began in cities designated as priority markets, but the entire project aims to serve 167 municipalities by 2016, reaching approximately 6 million Oi broadband subscribers and more than 9,000 of the company’s corporate customers.

Oi and Alcatel-Lucent are already working together on another ongoing structural project: the implementation of an innovative technology that will increase streaming data ability of Oi’s telecommunications network backbone by 57 percent. The project is based on the use of OTN (Optical Transport Network) equipment, with 100 Gigabyte circuits that cover 30 thousand kilometers of network. That project will further strengthen Oi’s network backbone as it prepares to meet the growing data consumption in the upcoming years — a worldwide trend in the telecommunications sector.

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