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Olympic attendees benefit from new patent, receiving local numbers and eliminating bill shock and offer significant revenue opportunities for carriers

by david.nunes

Starhome Receives Patents in USA and Mexico for its Local Roaming Number Solution

Starhome’s Local Roaming Number solution provides roamers with local presence without an additional SIM card or handset

Zurich, Switzerland; 9 May 2012 – Starhome®, the leading provider of solutions to enable multi-network mobility, announced today that the innovative core technology of its Local Roaming Number™ (LRN) solution has been granted a patent in the USA and Mexico. The solution provides frequent roamers with a local number preferentially priced for local use, in addition to their home number, on the same handset.

The Starhome® Local Roaming Number™ solution allows operators to provide a local mobile number (MSISDN) to their inbound roamers used concurrently with the subscriber’s original MSISDN on the same handset. With a Local Roaming Number, roamers do not have to swap SIMs or carry extra phones or manage a local prepaid SIM. The seamless service is activated upon arrival by SMS in the subscriber’s native language. Local numbers are dynamically allocated and reserved for future visits for subscribers visiting the network on a regular basis.

The Local Roaming Number solution puts an end to roamers trying to avoid the high cost of international roaming. With low-cost incoming and outgoing calls to other travelers and local numbers, subscribers only need to carry their primary phone, with their address book available for both numbers. In addition, the Local Roaming Number optimizes routing between colleagues or family members.

The visited network benefits by attracting and retaining inbound roamers when offering better tariffs and control over charges. The solution also encourages more local network traffic.  The home network also benefits as the home SIM remains active and continues to generate revenues from incoming calls, SMS, GRPS and MMS etc. Benefits for roamers include cost savings when they make calls to local numbers or other roamers in the visited country via their local MSISDN. The local presence allows them to be reached via a local number as well as to make and receive calls via both the home and local numbers.

Integration is fast and simple, which means operators can begin generating revenues and attracting roamers almost immediately.

Shlomo Wolfman, COO and co-founder at Starhome commented: “These patents are yet another milestone in Starhome’s extensive intellectual property portfolio, ultimately focused on benefitting our customers and theirs.”

About Starhome

Starhome has been at the center of the roaming industry for over 12 years. Using its vast expertise in MNO networks, the IT environment and mobile user experience, Starhome leads the industry in identifying new global trends and consistently responds with creative, innovative solutions to meet the changing market needs.

Today’s roaming environment is becoming increasingly complex, with converging technologies and challenges of 3G, WiFi, and LTE. To align themselves with these changes, operators are turning to Starhome as their strategic partner to best assist them in this complex multi-network environment.

Starhome is uniquely positioned to enable multi-network mobility by integrating its field proven roaming products into strategic suites. Each suite incorporates a unique blend of features that work together to allow operators to tap into new revenue streams while meeting the demands of multi network mobility.

Starhome’s solutions deliver over 50% of all global daily roaming traffic. With over 20 patent-protected solutions, and more than 4 services per customer, mobile operators trust Starhome to deliver the best solutions for their current and future challenges.


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