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OMESTI Ties Up with UK Firm Digital Shadows For Asia Market

by david.nunes

OMESTI Group Ties Up With UK Firm Digital Shadows

​Kuala Lumpur, 8th May 2014 – Asia-based OMESTI Group, a part of Formis Resources Berhad, has teamed up with UK-based cyber security innovator Digital Shadows to offer its market-leading security monitoring services and solutions to clients across the South East Asia region. The strategic international partnership comes at a time when sensitive and proprietary data belonging to organisations is under increasing threat from an ever-expanding trail of information exposed on the Internet by employees, suppliers and partners.

Confirming the partnership, Dato’ Larry Gan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Formis Resources Berhad said, “The need for closer and more detailed monitoring has never been more critical as organisations work to regain control of their digital shadows and minimise the risk of targeted cyber attacks. Our extensive presence across the South East Asia region will enable us to offer these specialist security solutions to top-tier companies looking to protect their data, systems and personnel against attack.”

OMESTI will offer the full portfolio of Digital Shadows’ solutions in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar. These solutions include Data Searchlight, Threat Searchlight, Brand Protect and VIP Protect.

Alastair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows, commented, “We are delighted to be joining forces with OMESTI, enabling us to reach a broader top-tier client base throughout Asia. Our partnership with OMESTI will help clients gain a “hacker’s eye view” of their vulnerability, regain control of their digital shadows and mitigate the risks of confidential data loss through targeted cyber attack.”

The partnership comes at a time when organisations are exposing more information than ever before through expanding supply chains, cloud-based storage systems and the widespread use of social networking. This can result in confidential information being leaked by accident or intentionally that cyber criminals then use to mount precision cyber-attacks.

Using the technology and analytical expertise from Digital Shadows, it is now possible to understand and predict attacks before they take place across a range of incident types. These include detection of leaked customer data, confidential documents and code, as well as technical configurations, user names and passwords. Intelligence can also be gathered about current and planned cyber-attacks by hostile groups and associated operations.

When it comes to brand protection, Digital Shadows is able to monitor and manage defamation incidents, brand abuse, profile squatting and impersonation on social networks. Mapping of non-compliant employee social networking profiles and posts as well as monitoring of leaked software versions on social networks can also be conducted.

The portfolio of services from Digital Shadows also extends to mitigation of physical threats against individuals, as well as raising alerts on threats and protests at office premises or corporate events.

The sharp increase in incidents of this nature across the South East Asia region makes this partnership an important step forward in the fight against digital crime.


OMESTI is part of Formis Resources Berhad, a Malaysian-based public listed grouping of companies that provides a range of technology systems, services and solutions designed to improve business performance, enhance connectivity and foster entrepreneurship. Its clients span a broad spectrum of industry sectors including financial institutions, government departments, utility and energy firms and telecommunications. www.formis.net

About Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows puts organisations back in control of their Internet presence. Through a unique blend of expertise and technology, the firm protects clients from hostile reconnaissance and targeted cyber-attacks. The management team bring over a decade of experience in securing UK Government and FTSE 500 organisations by helping clients to see themselves through the eyes of their attackers. www.digitalshadows.com

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