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OmniGlobe Networks Wins the Prestigious Red Herring Canada Top 50 Award

by david.nunes
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OmniGlobe Networks Wins the Prestigious Red Herring Canada Top 50 Award

OmniGlobe Networks, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Red Herring Canada as a winner of their first annual Top 50 awards. The award is designed to celebrate the most innovative and promising private technology ventures in Canada. The winners were announced in front of a large audience of leading technology innovators, venture capitalists, investors and corporate strategists during the Red Herring’s Canada event earlier this week. Nominations were rigidly evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative criteria including financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management and execution of strategy. Jason Neale, founder and CEO of OmniGlobe Networks said, “We are very proud to be listed amongst the winners this year. This is the third prestigious award that we have won this year and is testimony to our innovative and cutting-edge technology. We remain on track to be the number 1 provider of rural and remote connectivity, globally.” About OmniGlobe Networks Founded in 2004 and based in Canada, OmniGlobe Networks is a global telecommunications company that provides affordable satellite and WiMAX broadband Internet, cellular and VoIP services to geographic regions around the world where terrestrial telecommunications are unavailable, unreliable, or just too expensive. Combining the most advanced wireless, satellite and cellular technologies with its own proprietary network management and bandwidth optimization techniques, OmniGlobe Networks’s solution enables Internet service providers and local operators to offer fast, reliable broadband Internet services to consumers and business customers. In partnership, OmniGlobe provides the R&D, network design, equipment, installation, and 24/7 monitoring; while local operators handle service agreements, first line customer support and billing. For more information, contact the company at 6600 Trans-Canada Highway, Suite 750, Montreal, Quebec, H9R-4S2, Canada, tel: +1 514 693-8949, e-mail: info@omniglobe.com, or visit the company web site at www.omniglobe.com About Red Herring Canada Top 50 Awards Red Herring’s first annual Top 50 Awards adds to the success of the yearly North America 100, Europe 100 and Global 100 events, providing an opportunity for the nation’s Top 50 companies to deliver their message to the top VCs and other participants throughout North America and abroad. To view the Red Herring Top 50 list, please visit www.herringevents.com/canada08/Canada50.html About Red Herring: Red Herring events have become the most important annual global meeting places for CEOs from the technology world. These invitation-only, C-level forums gather leaders from every part of the global technology and financial community to exchange insights, discover innovative technologies, establish new alliances, and solidify existing partnerships. Select private companies also get the opportunity to give corporate presentations, providing investors, public companies and potential partners with the ideal platform to discover the latest innovative and disruptive technologies.

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