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Omnitron releases Hybrid Network Interface Device

by david.nunes

Carrier Ethernet World Congress – September 21, 2010 – Omnitron Systems, a leading provider of fiber optic demarcation and access products, today announced the debut of the iConverter HybridNID™. The HybridNID is a Network Interface Device that enables the delivery of carrier-grade Ethernet services across multiple-operator networks with value-added revenue from independent SLA verification. With the iConverter HybridNID installed at the customer premises or cell tower, both a Service Provider and Wholesale Operator partner can securely manage, provision and monitor the Ethernet service.

Omnitron’s iConverter HybridNID provides a single platform that delivers the Ethernet service via one demarcation point and clearly defines the responsibilities of each service provider. The HybridNID automates provisioning which reduces the time required to install equipment and activate services.

Abel Tong, Omnitron’s Vice President of Marketing said, “The HybridNID will accelerate the deployment of off-net services. Now, any service provider will be able to extend Carrier Ethernet services off-net and have a fully carrier-grade demarcation device to ensure the delivery of that service.”

About Omnitron Systems
Omnitron Systems provides fiber optic access and demarcation products that enable the delivery of managed optical Ethernet and TDM services into the fiber infrastructure of service provider and enterprise networks. For product and reseller information, visit www.omnitron-systems.com or contact Omnitron Systems by phone at 800-675-6410 or 949-250-6510, or by e-mail at sales@omnitron-systems.com. Omnitron Systems is headquartered in Irvine, California.

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