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OnApp and Bacula4Hosts to Bring Near Continuous Data Protection to OnApp Cloud

by david.nunes

OnApp and Bacula4Hosts to Bring Near Continuous Data Protection to OnApp Cloud

Incremental Backup Enables Users to Restore Specific Files, Databases and Virtual Machines

HostingCon, Austin, TX – June 18, 2013OnApp has partnered with Bacula4Hosts to bring its backup and recovery system to the OnApp Cloud platform. Developed by leading cloud and managed services provider, Cartika, Bacula4Hosts will add incremental backup and self-service restore to the OnApp Cloud platform, so data is backed up as it changes, and customers can restore specific files and databases as well as entire virtual machines. It will complement the existing backup and restore capabilities of OnApp Cloud by adding near-continuous data protection, and create a more flexible, resilient and efficient backup environment for cloud providers and their customers.

OnApp and Bacula4Hosts are now building full integration of Bacula4Hosts into the OnApp Cloud platform, enabling all OnApp customers to offer incremental backup and restore alongside OnApp’s existing backup, restore and templating capabilities. OnApp Cloud customers will get preferential pricing for Bacula4Hosts, with a simple monthly fee as low as $1 per virtual machine, depending on scale.

Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Bacula4Hosts, said: “The integration we’re building now will make OnApp Cloud the first major virtualization platform with incremental backup through Bacula4Hosts. That’s great news for OnApp Cloud providers, who’ll be able to offer much more flexible and granular backup options to their customers through the OnApp control panel or API.”

Ditlev Bredahl, OnApp CEO, said: “Bacula4Hosts gives our customers another way to improve their cloud service with incremental backup and restore. It’s a pleasure working with the team there – they know this industry and what cloud providers need. Their passion and knowledge is clearly visible in their product, which combines the resilience and performance of an enterprise backup tool, with the kind of simplicity you get with personal cloud storage apps. We’re really excited about the new things this’ll enable our customers to do.”

Bacula4Hosts is a full commercial product built on the open source network backup software, Bacula. Bacula4Hosts launched in July 2012 after 3 years of development by Cartika, and is built using a combination of Bacula Open Source Code, Bacula Systems Enterprise Modules and Bacula4Hosts Enterprise Modules.

More information about Bacula4Hosts for OnApp is available at http://onapp.com/bacula4hosts/.

About OnApp

OnApp software powers cloud, CDN and storage services for companies all over the world. OnApp products include OnApp Cloud, the leading cloud platform for hosts and service providers; OnApp CDN, a unique federated CDN platform for service providers; and OnApp Storage, a high performance distributed SAN for cloud environments.

OnApp launched in July 2010, has more than 120 staff across the EU, U.S. and Asia-Pacific, and can be found online at http://onapp.com/.

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