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OneAccess and IPSIP Group Celebrate 5,000 CPEs Sold

by david.nunes

OneAccess and IPSIP Group Celebrate 5000 CPEs Sold

Successful channel partnership driven by years of close collaboration and launch of enterprise market service offering

6 October, 2015 – OneAccess, a global provider of service-enabling network access solutions, and IPSIP Group, a French value-added reseller specializing in network and telecom solutions, today announce their partnership has sold in excess of 5,000 CPE routers, Ethernet access devices and associated software solutions, as a result of six years of close collaboration and dedicated customer support.

OneAccess has been working with IPSIP Group on supporting IP migration projects. By targeting operators without their own networks, such as Nerim, Sewan and Mediaserv, and by managing recurrent project implementations for VPN and Centrex solutions, OneAccess and IPSIP Group continue to deliver a mix of versatile voice and data solutions to the small to medium business (SMB) marketplace.

IPSIP Group delivers cutting edge communications solutions, usually only available to large enterprises, to companies of any size, from the SMB market. Its founders, each of whom formerly held senior technical positions in large companies, seized the opportunity to pool their expertise in networks, telecoms, data centers and associated services to deliver otherwise inaccessible technology platforms to smaller businesses, creating a new marketplace in France. IPSIP Group was, for example, amongst the first resellers to offer VoIP products to SMB professionals.

“OneAccess has enabled us to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of availability, performance, service quality and cost,” comments Stéphane Augis, CEO of IPSIP Group. “Moreover, OneAccess responds quickly to the needs of our group, which is critical to the development of new services hosted in our data centers. This level of agility increases our customers’ value-add and gives us a competitive edge in the market.”

Referenced by the main French operators, OneAccess’ solutions enable reliable routing deployments. Companies can customize and industrialize their network access capabilities by installing the same access routers with all their customers through which they can introduce different service bundles according to their needs.

“We are proud of the work accomplished with IPSIP Group and consider the 5,000th machine sold as a real milestone in our collaboration,” said Bertrand Meis, CEO of OneAccess. “The next stages in our partnership promise to be just as successful, with the deployment of our OneProvisio solution, which will enable customers to provide centralized support throughout the entire network provisioning process networks.”

IPSIP group will now offer companies the possibility to manage their network centrally via OneAccess’ OneProvisio, allowing automatic provisioning. The network can then be remotely managed and provisioned through service level indicators and will be powerful enough to process in real time and in secure mode multiple data streams. By automating simultaneous remote customer updates, OneProvisio helps to realize long-term cost savings and simplify operations.

About OneAccess

OneAccess Networks designs, develops and markets innovative platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed network services for communications and managed service providers.

Its industry-leading multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices are designed to deliver service continuity, high quality of experience and high speed performance for SMBs and Enterprise customers.

OneAccess hardware and software solutions for data and voice enable service providers to optimize the delivery of managed Cloud services and migration to SDN/NFV architectures.

OneAccess CPE platforms are used by more than 110 communication service providers globally, including many of the largest telecommunications companies.

For more information about OneAccess, please consult www.oneaccess-net.com  

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