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OneAccess Announces its Operations-focused NFV Strategy

by david.nunes

OneAccess Places Service Migration at the Heart of its NFV Strategy

Operations-focused NFV path answers call from operators for a gradual, non-disruptive migration to a virtualized service-oriented environment; new vCPE adapter announced

05 February, 2015OneAccess, a global provider of service-enabling network access solutions, has unveiled its service migration strategy to enable Service Providers to practically and efficiently implement the delivery of virtualized services, taking into account their existing IT environment. 

“OneAccess’ focus on serving the specific needs of operators and CSPs has enabled us to respond to their requirements for a steady and sensible migration path,” explains Pravin Mirchandani, CMO and NFV evangelist, OneAccess. “We help by minimizing the risk of introducing new virtualized services as the migration can run in tandem with their existing OSS and organizational processes.”

OneAccess’ strategy enables operators to introduce NFV gradually, leveraging existing provisioning services where necessary, yet is designed to enable full virtualized automation for even complex service types in an open and operationally practical way.  New virtualized network functions (VNFs) can in effect be activated and chained to today’s legacy services. This service migration approach avoids the leap-of-faith pitfall of alternative green field approaches. 

“Until now, operators and CSPs have been presented with two basic approaches to NFV migration.” adds Mirchandani. “On the one hand, the big five networking vendors are saying ‘Trust us. We’ll get you there.’ which, in effect, is a fairly transparent invitation to consolidate into inflexible vendor lock-in, something the operators desperately want to avoid.  On the other hand, various Layer 2 vendors are advocating a disruptive ‘rip and replace’ strategy, in a bid to introduce an x86 computing platform into their customers’ networks using their equipment. Neither of these approaches takes into account the need to co-exist with existing IT systems or even current upgrade plans to expand or enhance existing enterprise services.” 

In the first step of its NFV strategy, OneAccess is today announcing the availability of a vCPE Adapter or virtual adapter that enables the full functions of a traditional branch-office CPE to be placed directly in the service chain of an NFV infrastructure. The vCPE Adapter enables all or part of the targeted enterprise network services to be set up using either Netconf, existing legacy protocols or a combination of both.

This means operators can now start their trials and initial NFV service rollouts unconstrained by the need to migrate their legacy services or ‘forklift upgrade’ their existing CPE.  Once installed, the vCPE adapter enables all legacy services to be integrated into the service chain and to be provisioned via the adapter or natively with Netconf.

“The networking industry’s delivery of NFV must be aligned with the acute technical and commercial challenges the operators face,” Mirchandani continues. “Based on a 4-step practical process, OneAccess has developed a migration-oriented set of technology solutions which enable the service providers to choose their preferred starting point and adapt their implementation strategy to the needs and constraints of their existing environment, as well as an NFV rollout plan. In this way, service providers retain maximum flexibility and are empowered to introduce new virtualized services in the most efficient manner.

“What OneAccess is presenting today is the promise of significant cost savings to service providers, with minimum pain. In the near future, OneAccess will also deliver both a vCPE and a number of specialized VNFs, with a focus on virtualizing and automating the delivery of more complex dual-headed functions such as VPNs (i.e. encrypted tunnels), WAN optimization and hybrid access link management schemes to augment bandwidth and provide failover and offload for critical business traffic.

“OneAccess has spent the last three years preparing its product portfolio to support this migration strategy.  While the larger vendors have vied for influence and set out their big-picture architectures, OneAccess has been doing the technical heavy lifting,” adds Mirchandani.  “Our products are now engineered to support a flexible range of integration and migration options and enable the operators to deliver new virtualized and automated network services.

“We look forward to sharing further details in the coming weeks.”

About OneAccess

OneAccess designs, develops and markets innovative platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed network services for communication service providers (CSPs). Its multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices are designed to ensure service continuity and a high quality of experience for managed broadband and wireless data and voice services targeted at enterprise customers. OneAccess service-delivery platforms align with the current and future deployment and operating models of service providers by optimizing the delivery of managed Cloud services and migration to SDN architectures. OneAccess CPE platforms are used by more than 110 communication service providers internationally, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. With a global presence that includes North America, Europe and Asia, OneAccess, a private company, was incorporated in 2001. 

For more information, visit http://www.oneaccess-net.com/

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