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OneAccess Connects French Notary Network to Highly Secure, Always On VPN

by david.nunes

OneAccess Connects French Notary Network to Highly Secure, Always On VPN

Service-enabling CPE-technology supports paper to digital migration via development of new, custom-built, secure virtual private network

17 March 2015OneAccess, a global provider of service-enabling network access solutions, has been selected by Real.not, the private operator for all French Notaries, to deploy and manage a new business-critical, high-speed virtual private network (VPN) which connects 5,000 Notary offices across the country.

Real.not, part of the Association pour le Développement du Service Notarial (ASDN), connects the national network of French Notary offices via ‘Real 3’, a secure, purpose-architected VPN built specifically to meet the high security requirements of the specialist legal sector. Following a government directive for an industry-wide review of working practices, which called for all legal documentation to be digitized, the Notaries’ network required a significant upgrade in order to meet the resulting demand on bandwidth and to protect the storage and sharing of sensitive legal and commercial data via a central database. OneAccess was chosen to deliver strategic and technical Level 3 support, together with customer-premises network access equipment, for the provision of Real 3, which now provides all Notary offices with a highly-secure, always-on centralized cloud solution and a superfast, multi-access internet connection, to support their operations.

“Real.Not needed to deliver a network up to the challenges of its core mission: integrity, security and equal access. OneAccess’ solution enabled us to satisfy our customer requirements in terms of availability, performance, service quality and cost,” comments M. Batista, Chief Technical Officer, Real.not.

OneAccess, which offers the widest range of access technology combinations available in the market, worked in direct partnership with Real.not to deliver a centrally-managed application delivery platform through OneProvisio, its zero-touch provisioning module, together with the installation of network edge routing technology, on-site, at each of the Notary offices. The end result is a network which can be remotely managed and provisioned through embedded service level indicators and which is powerful enough to support the real-time, secure processing of multiple, simultaneous information flows and data exchanges. Using data gathered at the network-edge, the OneAccess solution centralizes Real 3’s monitoring and management capabilities to guarantee availability and optimize network performance by monitoring and redirecting low and high priority traffic to optimize the transmission of critical data at peak load times.

“The Real 3 network has enabled rapid compliance with the government’s requirement for all legal documentation to be digitized; already the VPN supports the exchange of more than 1m electronic signatures a year,” comments Bertrand Meis, CEO, OneAccess. “OneAccess’ direct partnership with Real.not enabled us to provide continuous support through the entire provisioning of the new network. This benefit really set us apart from the competition; we were able to provide real-time updates through a direct touch point with the customer. This meant we could address issues as they occurred. We look forward to our continued partnership with Real.not, the next stages of which will see the addition of 4G LTE and Satellite back-up services.”

OneAccess integrated multiple connection sources to ensure continuous network availability and has plans to build out this functionally in the near future with satellite and 4G LTE backup capabilities, to deliver always-on connections to offices in more remote locations. The implementation of Real 3 ensures Real.not can deliver the same Quality of Service assurances across all Notary offices regardless of size or location.

By deploying OneAccess’ service delivery platforms in the form of CPE router equipment, operators can ‘mass-customize’ their network access capabilities, installing the same access routers with all customers and provisioning different suites of services according to their varying demands. This means they can centralize IT control, minimize the need for costly site visits and implement remote service updates across multiple customers simultaneously.  OneAccess’ CPE equipment helps communication service providers (CSPs) to achieve long term cost savings as the opportunity to replace multiple CPE with a single, flexible unit means reduced capital costs and simpler logistics and operations.

About OneAccess


OneAccess designs, develops and markets innovative platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed network services for communication service providers (CSPs). Its multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices are designed to ensure service continuity and a high quality of experience for managed broadband and wireless data and voice services targeted at enterprise customers. OneAccess service-delivery platforms align with the current and future deployment and operating models of service providers by optimizing the delivery of managed Cloud services and migration to SDN architectures.  OneAccess CPE platforms are used by more than 110 communication service providers internationally, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. With a global presence that includes North America, Europe and Asia, OneAccess, a private company, was incorporated in 2001. 

For more information, visit http://www.oneaccess-net.com/

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