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Ooredoo Continues to Surge in Popularity on Social Media

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Cementing its role as one of the Sultanate’s most popular brands on social media, Ooredoo’s number of followers on all platforms has continued to surge over the past few months. The company’s well-integrated, creative approach has allowed it to reach the largest audience of any company in Oman. With 415k followers on Twitter, 4.3m views on YouTube, and 229,267 Likes on Facebook, Ooredoo continues to develop fun and engaging content that have transformed thousands into proud brand ambassadors.

Raed Dawood, Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs at Ooredoo, said, “Reaching out to our customers and engaging them on a daily basis allows us to meet them where they are, creating a feeling of exclusivity with each and every interaction. It’s all about providing a valuable experience to our loyal fans and enriching their lives with engaging content. Our online response time and 24 hour customer support is there for customers all the time, fulfilling our ultimate objective of making Ooredoo’s social media experience all about them.”

He added, “Most of our users are between the ages of 25-34, which reflects the overall breakdown of the Sultanate’s youthful population. This is also a result of our content, which continues to reach out to the young and the young at heart with trendsetting products, services, and videos that incorporate energetic themes that they can relate to.”

Customer care has played a key role in establishing Ooredoo’s presence with the company constantly challenging themselves to inform customers and deliver exceptional service.

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