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Ooredoo Myanmar and Nokia demonstrate Myanmar’s first-ever voice call over LTE

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Ooredoo Myanmar and Nokia demonstrate Myanmar’s first-ever voice call over LTE


Yangon, Myanmar


Ooredoo Myanmar, which offers Myanmar’s fastest 4GPlus network, has become the country’s first mobile operator to showcase next generation Voice over Long-Term-Evolution (VoLTE) technology, in partnership with Nokia, the global technology leader.


VoLTE will enable customers to make better quality voice calls as well as use voice and data at the same time.  In addition to superior voice quality, the VoLTE technology also enables faster call connection time, and allows customers to switch between ongoing voice calls and high-quality video calls as they want, contributing to an overall enhanced customer experience.


Speaking from the technology showcase at Ooredoo Myanmar’s flagship store in Myanmar Plaza, Mr. Sanjay Vaghasia, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Ooredoo Myanmar said: “Of the many technology buzzwords that customers hear a lot about today, VoLTE is one that they will quickly come to appreciate thanks to the better service it helps deliver.”


He added: “VoLTE technology works seamlessly to service increasing traffic carried on the LTE network, particularly as more people migrate to the higher speed, higher capacity LTE bandwidth.  This technology can be said to contribute to the shift from the traditional fixed analog telephony to truly mobile digital technology. This is next generation mobile technology that will lead the way to exciting new developments and meet the demands of future societies.”


Ooredoo is the first operator in Myanmar to demonstrate the benefits of VoLTE technology to its customers in partnership with Nokia. Ooredoo Myanmar will showcase this technology at our flagship Ooredoo Store in Myanmar Plaza to customers who are interested to experience this new technology.


Mr. Danabalan Amirthalingam, Country Senior Officer at Nokia Myanmar said, “Working with Ooredoo, Nokia has unleashed its technology leadership in Myanmar by demonstrating next generation VoLTE services to Ooredoo customers. Nokia is fully committed to introducing its latest cutting-edge technologies to support Ooredoo as it works to enable further access to digital technology in Myanmar.”


This is the latest in a series of innovations from Ooredoo Myanmar.  In June Ooredoo Myanmar became the fastest network in Myanmar, according to the Ookla Speedtest Intelligence analysis for Q1 – Q2 2018.  Earlier this year, Ooredoo completed a 4G Pro network demonstration, showcasing its readiness to bring a 5G service to the people of Myanmar as well as expanding access to its 4G network which by the end of 2018 will reach 92% of the total population, including 300 townships.


Ooredoo Myanmar had celebrated its 4th Anniversary lately, during which the company announced updates on its investments in Myanmar, its 4G coverage expansion, new innovative products, and future plans to support Myanmar’s digital transformation.


About Ooredoo Myanmar


Ooredoo Myanmar is a leading provider of telecommunication services in Myanmar with a customer base of over 9 million as of May 2018. After having launched services in 2014, Ooredoo has a nationwide coverage of 3G and 2Gand has also set up the widest and strongest 4G network in Myanmar. Ooredoo was recently acknowledged, as the fastest 3G/4G network in Myanmar in Q1 2018 from Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence®. It continues to expand its footprint of 4G covered townships which eventually stand at over 250 townships as of July 2018.


Ooredoo Myanmar today has a range of life enriching services including mobile money, services to support farmers and agriculture, FTTH (Fiber to Home) etc.  It also has a range of Business to Business products to help enterprise, government and SME customers grow their business to full potential. These include basic connectivity services such as Fixed and Mobile, along with the B2B solutions such as IPVPN. Ooredoo Myanmar is committed to enrich the lives of Myanmar people through its products, services and CSR initiatives such as “The more you speak, the more Ooredoo will donate”, Construction of Primary Healthcare Facilities Project with UNOPS and Clean Water project with Myanmar Red Cross Society across the country.


Instagram: @ooredoomyanmar

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OoredooMyanmar

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/ooredoomyanmar



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