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Open Mobile betting on technology to provide a better service

by david.nunes


Open Mobile is betting on technology to provide a better service


The Puerto Rican operator is updating its technology, in order to optimize the agility in managing customer data to provide a faster, reliable and effective service.  

Miami, April 2012.In order to facilitate the interaction between the human and technical processes, oriented to the information´s management and business processes, Open Mobile, a Puerto Rican leading telecommunications company, has successfully completed the upgrade of its information´s platform with  Smart Flex,  product of Open International Systems Corp, leader in development and implementation of

B / OSS solutions.


SmartFlex supports the operation of fixed telephony, mobile and internet telephony. With this application, Open Mobile will address all their business area, from the definition of products and services

N-Play, to the configuration of business flows for requests such as, equipment configuration and management, sales, installations , after-sales, billing, payment (collection) or collections, third, interconnections with operators, delinquency and collection management, cutting and suspension.


Because of Puerto Rico number portability, the scope of the project includes sales and billing functions for ported numbers, allowing increased productivity in all business and operations areas of the organization.

In 2012, Open Mobile is preparing the commercial launch of the high-speed Mobile Internet LTE (4G technology), also is preparing to commerce voice and data packages for smart devices, all these new services, the technological renovations, and the competitive challenges in short, medium and long term in the landscape of Open Mobile, are supported by Smartflex, which provides, the following competitive advantages:


• Streamline customer processes and satisfied customers in a faster way.
• 360-degree vision of products and services, from the standpoint of revenue, including operations, services and customers.
• Model, define and implement , agily, easily and with flexibility, different products and business models to respond to market changes, business practices , customer needs and new technologies.
• Reduce Time-To-Market for deals and plans, taking advantage of SmartFlex rule engines, which avoids working into complex development projects.

• High levels of automation and standardization of processes through Business Flows and modules such as mediation service which is connected to different platforms to perform provisioning, suspension, cutting and reconnection of services.



With this implementation, Open International Systems Corp, is still positioning itself  in Central America as a technology company with the most agile and flexible  solution on the market, which is adaptable to the  specific needs of telecommunications companies.



About Open Mobile (www.openmobilepr.com)

Open Mobile is a company that operates only in Puerto Rico, which provides High Quality, modern and updated wireless communication, with a purpose; make our customer enjoy our communication services, all of them with high quality, and with an agile and fast response. Established on June 12, 2007, Open Mobile offers the true wireless communications option with a variety of services and innovative products for the Puerto Rican consumer, thereby creating and establishing a new era of telecommunications in Puerto Rico.

With a solid and modern network, Open Mobile provides wireless communications services throughout the island, operating with 19Stores Own, 3 kiosks for sales and services and a strong chain of indirect channels.



Acerca de Open International  Systems Corp.  (www.openinternational.com)  

OPEN is the leading developer of industry solutions for Utilities and Telecommunications sector. With over 24 years of experience, Open directly serve leading companies in 16 different countries in Latin America and Unites States,  in industries such as Voice and Broadband – Fixed and Mobile, CATV, IPTV and DTH, Energy, Gas, Water and Sewage, Cleaning and Security.

His solution, SmartflexTM, based on a BOSS model (Business and Operations Support Systems) makes the difference. Is highly adaptable and flexible thanks to its rule-based modules that address critical needs and increase convergent billing, customer and market operations,  facilitates the system´s upgrading , and most importantly, provides to each company a high level of autonomy to manage their operation.

Today, more than 70 operating companies in the sectors of Telecommunications and Public Utilities, have the Open´s integrated solution,  SmartflexTM, to support their mission-critical processes such as customer care, billing, network management, maintenance and provisioning of services.

SmartFlex provides operational efficiency, reduce costs and increased productivity for your company. Visit www.openinternational.com  and learn more about the benefits of implementing SmartFlex TM  solution .





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