OpenMake Software Announces Open Source Strategy for Application Release Automation

OpenMake Release Engineer to be offered as Open Source under the FreeBSD License

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 5, 2016 – Today, at the Gartner Data Center show, OpenMake Software announced it will offer its Application Release Automation (ARA) Solution, Release Engineer, as an Open Source offering under the FreeBSD License.  The Open Source offering will be available March of 2017 and will be based on the 7.7 version of Release Engineer, available GA December 15th, 2017.

Steve Taylor, CEO OpenMake Software explains, “Organizations of all sizes want to mature their Continuous Integration to an adaptive Continuous Delivery pipeline as part of their DevOps strategy.  Release Engineer will become a part of the open source revolution by providing access to a fully functional ARA solution without vendor lock or a costly upfront investment. Our Open Source ARA alternative will help organizations quickly break down the barriers to a mature Continuous Delivery process.”  

ARA strengthens the foundation of Continuous Delivery(CD) by allowing low risk and highly adaptive software deployments driven through the CD pipeline from development through production.  Release Engineer uses an agentless architecture to support all platforms and environments from containers to cloud and legacy data centers.  Release Engineer has deep integration with Atlassian Jira, Bugzilla & GitHub for associating defects to a deployment, Jenkins and Jenkins CloudBees Platform for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipeline Management and Ansible for Infrastructure Configuration Management.  

OpenMake Software will offer an Enterprise Upgrade to the Open Source edition which will provide support and enhanced features including role based security, folders (called Domains), release ‘train’ planning, component sharing and advanced audit tracking.  The Open Source edition of Release Engineer will be hosted via GitHub. 

The Enterprise version of Release Engineer can be downloaded for free with full features to support up to 2 Applications. An Application is a collection of binaries that are packaged and deployed as a single solution.  Go to to download the free version of Release Engineer.  The Release Engineer Jenkins Plug-in can also be found at or from  


About OpenMake Software

OpenMake® Software delivers highly reusable DevOps Solutions that strengthens the foundation of the Continuous Delivery pipeline from build automation through release management. We automate and accelerate the heavy lifting of the build, package and deploy tasks of the Continuous Delivery process by focusing on the creation, control and audit of the application stack to allow our customers to achieve faster software innovation cycles.  Our pricing model scales to reduce the risk of entering this corporate process change starting with a fully functional ‘Team’ version for free. Download at

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