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OpenMarket Announces Mobile Messaging Capabilities for High Tech Industries

by david.nunes

OpenMarket Announces Mobile Messaging Capabilities for High Tech Industries

Mobile Engagement Platform Helps CIOs Ensure Business Continuity, Improve Customer Engagement, and Deliver a Better Mobile Experience

SEATTLE, Dec. 10, 2015OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, today announced a suite of solutions to support the mobile messaging needs for organizations in high tech industries such as Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications, and Consumer Devices/Equipment. To serve the demand from Global 2000 high tech businesses for mobile capabilities that improve business continuity and internal efficiencies, OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform optimizes customer experience and engagement practices, and creates more opportunities for these businesses to improve internal communication and employee-facing activities.

Today high tech businesses use SMS messaging externally to enhance the customer experience, attract and retain customers, and gain deeper insights into consumer preferences. Internally, SMS helps to improve workforce optimization, employee communications, and lower operational costs. According to IDC’s April 2015 report, sponsored by OpenMarket, titled “Exploring the Impact of Mobile Messaging in the High Tech Industry,” 90% of these businesses are looking to leverage text messaging to enhance these efforts and leverage the mobile channel effectively as a whole.

“The incredible rate of mobile technology adoption gives businesses the opportunity to strategically implement mobile messaging solutions across their entire organizations,” said Jay Emmet, general manager for OpenMarket. “Given their heavy emphasis on innovation, businesses in the high tech industry are the best prepared segment to use cost-effective mobile messaging capabilities that improve both customer and employee facing communication and operations.”

OpenMarket’s Enterprise-to-Person (E2P) SMS SaaS-based products offer high tech businesses a suite of mobile messaging solutions that support numerous use cases, including:

  • Mobile Messaging Based Call Centers: Text-enabled toll-free numbers for two-way SMS can eliminate long wait times for customers, empower customer service representatives to handle multiple inquiries at once, and close tickets faster and more efficiently
  • Sales & Marketing Offers: Mobile coupons via SMS and MMS, post-transaction customer surveys for improved retention, personalized customer alerts for an enhanced customer experience, and time-sensitive updates/promotions with exclusive offers to attract new buyers
  • Security, IT System Status and Network Outage Alerts: Time-sensitive escalation alerts for business continuity management, SMS-based two-factor authentication, IT ticket closure notifications, and IT help desk acknowledgements
  • Mobile Workforce Management and Notifications: Payroll reminders, employee surveys, simplified time tracking, employee emergency alerts, recruiting appointment reminders, and two-way messaging for employees to interact with the business quickly

Unlike single-purpose mobile messaging solutions with limited flexibility, OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform enables companies in high tech to develop and customize a variety of messaging services to meet their unique business needs, for example:

  • A leader of telecommunication billing systems relies on OpenMarket to alert staff about network outages due to its high service availability, and has added additional use cases to support Customer Service and Human Resources focused activities
  • One global organization whose primary business is in telecommunications, technology services and outsourcing utilizes OpenMarket to automate employee-facing travel, transportation and logistics efforts because of its global reach and automated originator selection for global SMS
  • A major European high tech media and entertainment company uses OpenMarket for expanded customer support along with more than 25 other use cases dedicated to improving consumer and employee communication leveraging the flexibility of the Mobile Engagement Platform

OpenMarket and its cloud-based mobile messaging solutions support over 400 enterprises globally, including four of the top 10 most respected global brands1. The Mobile Engagement Platform allows global enterprises to easily create and deploy smart, interactive mobile engagement services globally with connectivity to over 200 countries.  Enterprises can access the platform via a web-based GUI or directly via service APIs. The platform supports features such as personalization, scheduling, logic and decisioning, list management, user segmentation, and reporting. By using OpenMarket’s platform, high tech enterprises are able to mobilize operational processes, optimize internal and external communications, improve customer experiences, drive brand awareness, and generate new revenue.

To download the IDC research report, “Exploring the Impact of Mobile Messaging in the High Tech Industry,” visit http://www.openmarket.com/download/idc-high-tech/.

About OpenMarket
OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs, helps enterprises use mobile to transform their business. OpenMarket provides mobile engagement solutions for organizations to optimize their operations and enhance relationships with their customers and employees. Major enterprises choose OpenMarket for our domain expertise, service flexibility, demonstrated performance and reliability, global scale, and corporate maturity. We provide smart, interactive connectivity to more than 200 countries, enabling businesses to engage with nearly every mobile user around the world. Our clients trust us to power their mobile business. For more information, visit www.openmarket.com.

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