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Openmind’s SMSC to power bulk messaging to its 13.9M Ukrainian subscribers

by david.nunes

life:) selects Openmind’s SMSC to power bulk messaging to its 13.9M Ukrainian subscribers

Thursday, May 7th, 2015, Dublin, Ireland:  Openmind Networks today announced it has entered into a new partnership with Ukrainian GSM operator life:). The operator deployed Openmind’s Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to power the operator’s bulk application-to- person (A2P) messaging to its 13.9 million Ukrainian service subscribers.

The bulk messaging sub-system of Openmind’s Traffic Control communications platform allows network applications and external entities to invoke the delivery of a single message to a large number of defined recipients. The platform further provides A2P SMSC functionality, such as integrated diameter charging, and integrated anti-spam for A2P traffic and multi-protocol support for application messaging.

Opendmind’s Traffic Control platform will provide life:) with an adaptable, modular and open  consolidated messaging platform enabling cost savings through overall efficiency and ease of operation.

“We chose Openmind Networks SMSC, basing on its excellent technical and commercial performance,” said life:) acting CEO Erdal Yayla. “It provides us with the flexibility, efficiency and quality, required for messaging on our network and further growth of our subscriber base. Thus, we are glad to have such a partner as Openmind Networks, which we consider a leader in the field of messaging.”

 “We’re delighted to partner with life:) in delivering and controlling its first-class bulk A2P messaging to its subscriber base,” said Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind. “Ukraine represents an interesting market for Openmind Networks with great potential for growth.  Where P2P SMS traffic is generally in decline the A2P traffic is on the rise, and with the implementation of Traffic Control, life:) has a platform that can take the operator into future of messaging.”

Openmind’s communication platform, Traffic Control, powers over one billion messages every day in 120 installations worldwide. The platform is a fully integrated solution which enables mobile operators to consolidate numerous legacy systems onto a single platform. It comprises an SMSC, MMSC, USSD Gateway, Application Gateway and Spam Filter; with advanced business reporting logic and customer care interfaces on-board. Traffic Control’s built-in SIP interface allows the launch of IMS and RCS messaging services.

About Openmind Networks

Openmind’s Communication Platform is deployed in over 120 sites across 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, powering over 1 Billion transactions every day.   Customers include Mobile Operators, Inter-Carrier Operators, Social and Media providers and more recently, direct to consumers in the App space.  The technology provides a gateway for communication and the transfer of data that takes place between individuals, groups, Apps, Service Providers and machines. The platform offers their customers all of the interfaces required to deliver and develop these services. Openmind is headquartered in Dublin with regional offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, UAE, USA and the Netherlands.

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About life:)
life:) is a dynamic growing mobile services operator, providing convenient, affordable tariffs and high quality services to all regions of Ukraine. As of the end of 2014, Ukrainian GSM operator life:) serves 13.9 million subscribers of prepaid, contract and corporate subscription. Entering the Ukrainian market in 2005, the operator has in record time created a network that now covers the territory where over 98.6% of the Ukrainian population lives. life:) is the market leader when it comes down to smartphone market penetration. As No.1 mobile operator for smartphones, life:) provides owners of sophisticated devices with the most convenient and beneficial tariffs and services, ready for 3G technology.

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