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Optical networks expert reveals universal optical transceiver at NGON & DCI World

by Anthony Weaver

Leading optical networks specialist, Salumanus, will showcase its unique solutions at the only event for the optical networking community, NGON & DCI World, in Barcelona between June 21 and 23. The company will present its innovative universal optical transceiver, alongside other solutions designed by its own manufacturing line, GBC Photonics.

NGON & DCI World represents the go-to meeting place for professionals in optical networking at a time when optical communications face a turning point in their development. New technologies and operational modules are changing network infrastructures to respond to an increasing demand for data and faster transmission speeds. The event will bring together optical network experts to discuss how to implement new solutions and technologies to respond to the market’s needs and stay competitive. Attendees will be able to hear from influential speakers at Telefonica, Openreach and BT.

Salumanus, who specialises in helping telcos make the most of their existing optical network, minimising the necessity to lay down more fibre, will showcase some of its innovative solutions for networks enhancement and optimisation. The main attraction will be the universal optical transceiver, designed by GBC Photonics, Salumanus’ own production line.

The transceiver is compatible with all network devices thanks to another innovation from the experts, the Simple Recode Device. The product can recode GBC Photonics optical transceivers to make them compatible with almost any interface, eliminating stock redundancies and providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for anyone who uses equipment from two or more vendors in their network. The solution is now updated with a new software version, which allows users to access their transceivers’ data on all major platforms, including Apple.

“We are excited to share our unique universal optical transceiver with fellow experts in the optical communications industry,” comments Andrzej Wojnar, director of the optical transceivers department at Salumanus. “The universal optical transceiver is a cost-effective, flexible solution that allows network operators to easily scale up their business. Instead of buying new equipment to upgrade their infrastructure, operators can instead invest in just one universal optical transceiver and reduce waste.”

“Electronic waste is a major issue facing the optical networking community and we want to address it by designing sustainable solutions and encouraging businesses to rethink their infrastructure strategy,” continues Wojnar.

Other solutions showcased at NGON & DCI World include the latest 400G optical transceivers, transponders and muxponders, but also the company’s popular WDM systems. All products are designed for network optimisation, keeping in mind the demand for faster, more effective networks.

“Salumanus is thrilled to meet the global optical community in person, after a long period of virtual meetings,” explains Marcin Bala, CEO of Salumanus. “NGON & DCI World is the perfect opportunity to exchange views regarding emerging technologies in optical networking and finding out the best ways to future-proof network infrastructure.”

“Apart from the solutions we provide, we are able to deliver continuous support and expertise at every step of the network set-up and optimisation,” says Bala. “Our testing capabilities and in-house team of engineers allow us to offer customers ‘a helping hand’ for their applications. We take responsibility for building connections between customers’ devices — any device, any optical infrastructure, we will connect it.”

You can find Salumanus between June 21 and 23 at NGON & DCI World in Barcelona. For more information about solutions or to schedule a booth tour, visit www.salumanus.com.

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