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Optiway Adds High Power Outdoor System to Portfolio for Fully Comprehensive Cellular Connectivity

by david.nunes

Optiway Adds High Power Outdoor System to Portfolio for Fully Comprehensive Cellular Connectivity


Rosh Ha’ayin | February 20th, 2012 – Optiway Ltd. (www.optiway.biz), an innovative provider of In-Building wireless (cellular, public safety and Wi-Fi) coverage and capacity solutions, has further enhanced its industry leading, fully comprehensive infrastructure connectivity offering, with the addition of a new high power outdoor solution.


The ruggedized AllAccess High Power Wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) product, offers enhanced outdoor wireless coverage. Using a passive cooling system, the AllAccess High Power system offers high power distribution from one of the smallest and most compact casings available, making it ideal for use in locations that are in-building but where space is restricted.


The new AllAccess Outdoor DAS (AoDAS) enables continuous coverage through complete ingress protection and withstands severe fluctuations in temperature, exposure to rain, dust, oil and other pollutants and contaminants in a diverse range of harsh environments such as subway tunnels, underground road passages, bridges and causeways, mine shafts and near-shore maritime platforms. Optiway’s AoDAS provides effective interconnection, avoiding the need for long-distance fibre optic cables, and providing cost-effective extended-range communications.


“The high power AllAccess (AoDAS) completes our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to the in-building market, for existing and new customers, with a solution that cost effectively provides outstanding performance,” said Ofer Reviv, Optiway CEO. “We can now offer the industry’s most innovative solutions to meet the current and future indoor, outdoor and public safety wireless coverage needs of most markets.”


The addition of this new AllAccess outdoor DAS further enhances Optiway’s AllAccess family of compact high, regular and low power products, which are all managed by the same sophisticated management system and connect to the same Central Unit over a single optical fiber for all remote types.


Optiway’s AoDAS range provides support for all the leading cellular bands, furthermore, the AllAccess family of products provides industry leading support for coverage on public safety bands (such as TeTRA). This ensures reliable and continuous connectivity for radio broadcasting and emergency wireless transmissions used by emergency service organisations such as the police, fire brigade and urgent medical services, as well as increased coverage for consumer and business users.


Also within Optiway’s AllAccess range is the Low Power AllAccess, an extremely small form factor of the Laser-less remote optical DAS with no active elements in it. Eliminating the active elements reduces the unit’s complexity and cost, simplifying deployments and providing significant project cost savings in comparison with existing in-building solutions. Its small form factor also allows it to emit significantly reduced radiation levels.




About Optiway Ltd.

Optiway Ltd., founded in 2004, successfully introduced optical multi-service solutions for In- Building Wireless communications, based on its unique patented optical technology, OTDMLL. Optiway offers elegant, cost effective solutions that enable service providers, and property owners to extend coverage and provide in-building radio communication in high-rise buildings, tunnels, parking lots, campuses, etc. Optiway’s solution multiplexes sources from various wireless technologies and frequencies over a single fiber. The company’s products are technology agnostic and field proven with all common cellular technologies, in multiple frequency bands. As a result, Optiway delivers high capacity systems that are easy to design, deploy and maintain and drastically reduce the total cost of ownership.

For additional information, please visit www.optiway.biz


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