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OptoFidelity and Symbio launched global co-operation in the field of Robot Aided Test Automation

by david.nunes

OptoFidelity and Symbio launched global co-operation in the field of Robot Aided Test Automation

OptoFidelity and Symbio have both been working in the area of quality assurance in various industries for several years. While Symbio has strong expertise in co-creation, software development and QA services, OptoFidelity is the leading solution provider for automated user interface testing systems for touch enabled devices. With the bloom of novel product categories and more integrated product ecosystems, parties decided to join their forces. A mutual, integrated testing environment for QA in R&D projects is now available. OptoFidelity Human Simulator™ test automation solution integrated with Symbio RATA Framework.

Symbio’s knowledge in quality assurance has been built in a wide variety of co-creation projects in the areas of Connected Devices, Industrial Internet and Automotive. Symbio has created a unique Total QA model, which shifts quality assurance actions as early as possible in the project, leading to improved risk management based on the metrics provided by early QA involvement. Symbio RATA (Robot Aided Test Automation) framework is powered by OptoFidelity Touch & Test™ Robotics.  This unique combination utilizes the best practices of Total QA enabling full-scale testing and measurement services for any client’s R&D organizations.

         The results from the robot aided test automation projects delivered to our global customers have shown the potential to us, Jacob Hsu, CEO Symbio, says.

         We have seen, that the market for these systems is growing. And we believe this co-operation is offering real value to our customers. Shorter testing lifecycle, with more reliable and objective data. This is the direction of Total QA, as we see it, CEO Jacob Hsu concludes.

OptoFidelity has developed groundbreaking innovations for User Interface performance testing. OptoFidelity´s robot aided, non-intrusive, automated testing systems are especially used to improve product quality and speeding up R&D. OptoFidelity has an extensive track record in the mobile sector. The interest for non-intrusive, automatic methods has started to grow after the takeoff of novel Human-Machine Interface methods.

Companies have started co-operation a few years ago in mutual global customer projects. In these early projects, OptoFidelity introduced its novel testing systems. Customers were able to speed up their R&D processes due to significantly shorter testing cycle, with much better accuracy and reporting features. Symbio was their customer’s partner for testing process & QA with Symbio´s testing framework. Symbio offers a portfolio of QA services, which are based on Symbio Total QA framework.

Parties have created a common co-operation model and integrated the OptoFidelity Human simulator environment with Symbio’s TotalQA framework.

          We know, that we are clear leaders in non-intrusive testing of touch enabled devices

          The same UX methods that have been introduced in mobile sector will now quickly spread to automotive, wearables and other product categories. Human-like testing with automation is the future.

          “If you can touch it, we can test it” has been our slogan, Pertti Aimonen, CEO of OptoFidelity notes. And now with this co-operation, our value proposal is available to even larger customer segments.

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About Symbio
Symbio, established in 1994, is an international co-creation partner and trendsetter of R&D as a service -concept that helps its customers create high quality products and future innovations. By combining cutting-edge technological know-how, advanced global delivery networks and customized solutions, Symbio enables high-quality software product development quickly, cost-effectively and innovatively. Symbio’s customers include Alibaba, BNP Paribas, Google, HSBC, Intel, Microsoft, and Volvo. Symbio has eight development centers and offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia. www.symbio.com

About OptoFidelity

OptoFidelity was established 2005 by a team of experts in machine vision and test automation. OptoFidelity is a world leader expert in digital imaging, machine vision and video quality measuring technologies, robotics and test automation. OptoFidelity offers test automation solutions and expert services for mobile & telecom, automotive, industrial and medical sectors globally. OptoFidelity customers consist of industry leaders from the respective industrial sectors. www.optofidelity.com


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