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Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling announcements

by david.nunes

Oracle Forecast: Global Diameter Signaling Growth Will Surpass Total Global IP Traffic Growth by 2019

Oracle Communications has today publishing the findings of the Fourth Edition of its LTE Diameter Signaling Index, which looks at how much Diameter Signaling will grow in the next five years, which services have the most impact on it and which regions contribute the most to its growth.

Oracle forecasts that LTE Diameter signaling traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68 percent in the next five years, from 30 million messages per second (MPS) in 2014 to 395 million MPS by 2019.

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router Is Now Cloud-Deployable

Oracle has introduced a new version of Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router. The new release of the proven product is now cloud-deployable, designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) monetize their networks by creating new services and use a virtualized infrastructure to launch these services more quickly.

The benefits of this release include:

  • A diameter signaling router that CSPs can deploy in a common and shared infrastructure with other telecommunications applications in a private or hosted cloud
  • Networkwide visibility via an integrated troubleshooting capability and configurable dashboard

Enhanced service quality and experience for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) customers, ensuring

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