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Oracle New Communications Service Availability Machine

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Oracle Enables “Seven Nines” Availability and Session Integrity for Network Equipment Provider Applications with New Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine


Optimized Hardware and Software Platform Helps Ensure an Uninterrupted Customer Experience for IPTV, Policy Control, Charging and Other “Zero Downtime” Applications


Singapore – 12 March, 2012


News Facts

·         Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine, an optimized hardware and software solution that enables network equipment providers (NEPs) to quickly deliver “zero downtime” applications – such as IPTV, Policy Control, Charging, etc. – to communications service providers (CSPs).

·         The rapid growth of mobile broadband services, proliferation of smartphones and demand for rich media applications has significantly increased the need for application platforms that can provide unprecedented levels of high availability with session integrity.  Until now, NEPs have had to custom build these capabilities into each application, slowing time-to-market and increasing project risk.  With Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine, NEPs can now focus their resources on building innovative applications by leveraging Oracle’s productized service availability capabilities.

·         Network equipment providers can use Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine’s out-of-the-box development environment and standardized hardware and software infrastructure to more efficiently create and deploy innovative, highly-available applications to CSPs, accelerating time-to-revenue while reducing project risk.

·         Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine enables carrier-grade, “seven nines” (99.99999%) availability, preserving session integrity during many kinds of application and system faults to eliminate service interruptions for customers –  helping enhance customer experience and reduce customer churn.  The preservation of session integrity for applications under a wide variety of fault conditions distinguishes Oracle’s solution from other alternatives currently available.

·         The solution leverages Service Availability (SA) Forum standards, providing open application programming interfaces (APIs) that ensure application portability to developers.

·         Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine includes Oracle Communications Service Availability software – acquired through Oracle’s acquisition of GoAhead Software in September 2011 – with initial availability on Oracle’s Sun Netra 6000 and Oracle Linux.  Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine integrates Oracle’s carrier-grade hardware leadership with GoAhead’s proven service availability software and expertise.  This new approach helps reduce project risk and ensure predictability when creating next-generation applications and services.


Supporting Quotes

·         “Today’s communications applications increasingly require the highest possible degree of performance and availability with zero downtime.  Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine is squarely focused on this growing market, and the simplicity and performance of this integrated solution is likely to appeal to engineering managers and leaders with projects that require service availability and have urgent time-to-market demands,” said Lee Doyle, group vice president and general manager, network infrastructure and security, IDC.

·         “With increased adoption of real-time and near-real time applications – especially on smartphones and tablets, service availability is a critical ‘must-have’ requirement and business need in the communications industry.  Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine combines Oracle’s hardware and software leadership, and proven service availability software to help NEPs bring service available applications to market quickly, with minimal project risk, while helping ensure zero interruption of the customer experience,” said Nigel Ball, vice president, NEP solutions, Oracle Communications.


Oracle Live Webcast: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – 09:00 PDT, 16:00 GMT

Rapid Application Development for “Zero Downtime” Telecommunication Applications


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