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Orange Labs UK launches 3D Weather Dog App – Feb 2012

by david.nunes


The Weather just got friendlier with Orange’s Weather Dog App. Bringing a ray of sunshine to weather forecasting for a limited time only.


Since the creation of Orange Labs UK five-star rated application, Weather Dog, we no longer need the weatherman to tell us which way the wind blows – Orange users will have their very own cute canine  

Using Accuweather.com’s 3-day forecast web service this non-gaming app will foretell the weather round the clock and anywhere in the world. Making full use of the most advanced 3D graphics available in smart phones, this brings an entirely new dimension to the previously rather hum-drum world of weather forecasting and frankly, after the winter we’re all experiencing this year, we could do with a little silver lining on our weather clouds!

Weather Dog will provide both informative and engaging 3D visualisations of the weather forecast, with up-to-the-second data about current, future, day and night weather conditions, from temperature to wind speed and precipitation. Users will see their interactive animated doggie chum ‘feel and respond’ to the weather, with him basking in sunshine, his ears flapping in the wind or snow and rain falling all around him.

This appealing app is a fun and immediate solution to knowing if you’ll need a hat and coat, shorts and sandals or an umbrella if it’s raining cats and Weather Dogs outside. The moment you download Orange’s Weather Dog, it will become your favourite virtual pet… And it’s a lot more fun that a bloke in a bad tie standing in front of a map! Why check the weather when you can check the weather dog! Visit us on www.weatherdogapp.com to download, available on Android Market and iPhone App Store for a limited period only.

For further information, visuals or chat with the Orange Labs Service Evolution & Gaming team  please contact Jovana Nikolic, Xpert Communications. Email Jovana@xpertcomms.co or phone on 0207 978 0580



About Orange Labs UK:

In 2001, Orange created a Research and Development Lab in the UK to enrich its global network. Orange Labs R&D UK is based in London and Bristol, in one of the most competitive and challenging telecoms market in Europe with a rich ecosystem and many leading academic institutions. Capitalising on this strategic position, one of the Lab’s main missions is to create innovative products & services by building relationships with world leading universities and major industry players in the UK.


The UK is the third leading West European telecoms market and a very dynamic and competitive market. The 100 people that make up our lab are a highly qualified and diverse group, they are researchers, developers, designers, network and platform experts. The lab represents over 20 different nationalities and disciplines and a large majority of our people have post-graduate degrees. This creates a unique, dynamic and skilled environment for innovation, proven by our track record for patents, products and services. The Lab is structured around 6 teams, centred on areas of expertise including: Devices Development, Service Evolution & Gaming , Design & Usability, Voice Convergence, Network Evolution & Security and Open Innovation.

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