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Orange Tunisia (Africa’s Fastest-Growing Operator) Selects Volubill for Policy, Personalized Data

by david.nunes

Volubill Brings Convergent Charging to Orange Tunisia

Solution Brings Competitive Advantage to Fast-Paced North African Operator

London, United Kingdom—29 November 2011—Volubill, the leading provider of charging and policy, announced today that the company’s Volubill Business System VBS has been chosen for the policy and charging of all supported services.

The VBS solution will provide Orange Tunisia with increased organizational and orchestration abilities to better manage charging policies for a growing portfolio of service packages across a complex array of network systems.  It will also allow the operator to more effectively market its offerings to a growing subscriber base.

Orange Tunisia has seen unprecedented growth over the past 12 months. Focusing on ‘internet’ services, it has added a significant number of subscribers by promoting the use of dongles for on the move and the “Flybox™” Wi-fi for use in the home.

Ben McCafferty, Vice President Sales, said, “Orange Tunisia typifies the type of fast-growing innovative service provider that Volubill is serving throughout the African region. We understand the market demands and the pace and we are proud that Orange Tunisia has chosen Volubill for charging and policy solutions.”

Volubill’s charging and policy solutions will be leveraged to design new self-care capabilities for customers, implement more personalized and segmented charging models, and provide enhanced bandwidth management functions to promote fair use of network resources among all customers.






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