OrangeScape fast-tracks Lotus Notes Migration in partnership with CIMtrek


OrangeScape, a Global 10 Platform as a Service provider, has announced a partnership with CIMTrek Ltd, a leader in the automated migration of Lotus Notes applications. Enterprises will now have fast-track migration of the Lotus Domino Applications to a modern cloud based application on OrangeScape platform. This solution will be bundled into OrangeScape’s offering to their mutual customers enabling the rapid transition of apps from Lotus Notes to the Cloud.


Migrating from Lotus, to Google or Microsoft, typically starts with email and calendars. However this remains incomplete and painful until Domino Applications are also addressed. OrangeScape recently announced its Lotus Notes Migration offering, an alternative Visual PaaS platform on the cloud that provides a smooth transition for Domino Developers. This partnership further strengthens OrangeScape’s Lotus Notes migration solution by significantly reducing the time, cost and effort for customers planning to move from Lotus Notes to a cloud infrastructure such as Google or Microsoft.


A key problem in migrating Domino Applications to any platform is finding a target platform with a development environment similar to what seasoned Domino Developers are used to. OrangeScape addresses this by providing a 100% Visual Development Environment with application deployment choices to either public, private or hybrid clouds. OrangeScape’s Visual, Drag-and-drop, modelling based Development Environment provides the perfect transition for Lotus Domino like applications to the cloud.


Suresh Sambandam, founder and CEO of OrangeScape, summarised the partnership; “Enterprise IT Leaders are actively looking to invest into strategic initiatives such as adopting Cloud/PaaS, enterprise mobility and the like. Unfortunately, the majority of their current IT budget is often tied to maintaining and supporting legacy platforms like Lotus Notes. Progressive thinking IT leaders, however, now have an option that is a double win.  Not only can they migrate away from Lotus Notes, but they can also migrate to a modern platform-as-a-service technology thereby achieving double benefit. We’re excited about this partnership as it not only allows our customers to reduce their migration services cost, but it also allows them to more efficiently embark into modern technologies rather than maintaining the status quo”.


CIMTrek is an international software company, based in the UK, established to provide the tools to help end user organisations understand the magnitude of the migration journey to the cloud, and to automate that migration. CIMtrek has developed a set of tools that specifically help customers migrate away from the legacy Lotus Notes platform.


“These are exciting times and we’re delighted with this partnership with OrangeScape.” adds Jon Pyke, founder and CEO of CIMtrek. “CIMtrek has been committed to empowering Enterprises and helping them move away from legacy platforms such as IBM Lotus. OrangeScape is an excellent target platform on the cloud for migrating Lotus Domino Applications. Our complimentary technologies provide both tremendous synergy and significant opportunity in offering an automated migration solution for OrangeScape which translates to a real benefit and ultimate migration success for our mutual customers.”


The companies will offer this option, bundled into OrangeScape’s platform, to those customers looking to accelerate their Lotus Notes migration effort. The unique and fully automated Discovery and Analysis Phase followed by the automatic migration of meta-data, UI forms and critical business information significantly minimises the risk & cuts down time-to-market. This solution is not just a runtime migration; it is a migration to the development platform of the future where state of the art enhancements and modernisation are also achieved. This bundled solution is available to customers worldwide only through OrangeScape.




About OrangeScape

OrangeScape is a rare breed of Technology Company founded in 2003 with customers and partners in the US, India, UK & Europe. OrangeScape is one of the Global 10 Cloud Platform-as-a-Service providers featured in PaaS reports of Gartner and Forrester. OrangeScape provides a model driven visual development environment for creating business applications that can be deployed on major public cloud platforms, like Google App Engine or Microsoft Azure, or on private cloud environments. OrangeScape has a marquee customer list including United Biscuits, India Infoline, Unilever, Citibank, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sterlite, Fullerton, Geojit and other large enterprises.

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About CIMtrek

CIMTrek is an international software company based in the UK, which was established in 2009 to provide the tools that help end user organisations understand the magnitude of the migration journey to the cloud, and to automate that migration. CIMtrek has developed a set of tools that migrate legacy applications, such as IBM’s Lotus Notes, to whichever cloud platform best meets the business need. Within a year of being established CIMtrek was recognised as a cool vendor by Gartner.

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