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Oregan, V-Nova and Alcatel Lucent to showcase advanced video compression and delivery systems

by david.nunes

V-Nova to work with Alcatel-Lucent and Oregan Networks to offer first PERSEUS® IP Video solution

  • Tier-1 IP video systems integrator Alcatel-Lucent initiates work with V-Nova for PERSEUS-enabled end-to-end IP Video solutions.
  • PERSEUS’ superior performance enables Alcatel-Lucent to expand its IP video service reach on new and existing infrastructure.
  • Integration of PERSEUS into Oregan’s Multiscreen Cloud Video Client demonstrates the technical maturity and commercial availability of the solution.

September 7th, 2015 – V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, announced today that Alcatel-Lucent plans to integrate PERSEUS video compression technology with its Cloud DVR platform and Oregan’s Multiscreen Cloud Video Client.

The aim is to provide significant improvements in IP Video delivery to both greenfield customer deployments and existing infrastructures. The combination of PERSEUS with Oregan’s Multiscreen Cloud Video Client – which can be deployed on new generation UHD/4K capable and legacy set-top-boxes – will enable Alcatel-Lucent to offer service providers the first end-to-end PERSEUS-enabled solution for IP delivered video. TV service providers will leverage the performance of PERSEUS, while benefitting from Alcatel-Lucent’s suite of systems integration services, which address the entire video ecosystem.

“After passing our evaluation, we are excited by the benefits of integrating PERSEUS into our ‘best-of-breed’ portfolio of IP Video solutions. Alcatel-Lucent has a strong global track record in complex, multi-vendor video systems integration projects, leveraging third-party component suppliers to create flexible systems.” says Paul Larbey, head of Alcatel-Lucent’s IP Video Business. “V-Nova is an excellent example of the innovative technologies that Alcatel-Lucent’s modular independent approach allows operators to leverage. With our system integration expertise and V-Nova’s PERSEUS we can offer something truly unique and compelling for our customers.”

V-Nova’s PERSEUS is an advanced video compression technology that enables operators to differentiate their products, increase market penetration, and provide otherwise undeliverable services using existing infrastructure, hardware and workflows. PERSEUS is based on principles underlying human vision to deliver significant and simultaneous improvements in compression, picture quality, processing speed, latency and power consumption. PERSEUS shifts the entire video bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD quality video at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub-audio bitrates.

“We are both proud and excited that Alcatel-Lucent has chosen PERSEUS to provide its customers with previously unattainable business benefits,” remarks Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-Founder. “PERSEUS delivers significant advantages beyond bitrate reduction, including: optimised cloud-based services, increased multi-screen efficiency and reduced storage costs. The speed at which the technology will be integrated within the portfolio of Alcatel-Lucent also shows its ease of deployment and the responsiveness to customer demand that PERSEUS enables in the market. The culmination of these, and additional benefits, will contribute significantly to the profitability of our customers.”

Oregan Networks facilitates PERSEUS’ adoption across legacy and new generation set-top-boxes (STBs) as well as all OTT device form factors, whilst ensuring advanced security for both IPTV and OTT delivery models.

“By integrating PERSEUS compression inside Oregan’s Multiscreen Cloud Video Client, Oregan aims to deliver greater accessibility to digital content in the context of the emerging wireless patterns of video delivery, as well as in scenarios and geographies where network capabilities are limited, which slows the evolution towards the UHD viewing experience in the global mass market,” said Milya Timergaleyeva, VP Market Strategy of Oregan Networks. “The dramatic reduction in bandwidth consumption enabled by V-Nova’s innovation has the potential to remove significant costs and challenges associated with high quality video distribution, taking UHD mainstream.”

“Since its award-winning NAB 2015 debut, PERSEUS has transitioned from being a ‘novelty’ to an established commercial ‘reality’ at IBC. Successful partnerships and deployments with Tier-1 players, such as Alcatel-Lucent and Oregan Networks, confirm that PERSEUS is here to stay and will be driving long-term value for its partners and customers. The acceptance of PERSEUS for mission critical applications in multiple demanding industries underscores this point. We are just at the beginning of the PERSEUS story,” concluded Eric Achtmann, V-Nova Executive Chairman & Co-Founder.

For more information or to schedule a meeting at IBC 2015, contact marketing@oregan.net.

About V-Nova

V-Nova™ is a London-headquartered company providing advanced video and imaging processing hardware, software and embedded solutions. Its novel compression technology, PERSEUS® is based on principles underlying human vision.

V-Nova was founded in 2011 by an experienced team, including experts involved in the development of first generation codecs (e.g., MPEG/JPEG), as well as business leaders, technology finance veterans, product development and intellectual property experts. A strong global consortium comprising leading partners from multiple industries including media & broadcasting, telecommunications, hardware and consulting supports V-Nova.

V-Nova serves numerous sectors, including media & broadcasting, telecommunications, aerospace, defence, security, video conferencing, digital signage, medical imaging, telematics and video games.


About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks provides a market proven Pay TV client middleware platform and expert system integration services for telecom operators and MSOs.

Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed by leading telecoms and digital media manufacturers, including British Telecom, Telefonica, CAT Telecom, NTT, Batelco, Sony, Philips and Sharp.

Oregan’s headquarters and primary R&D centre are located in London UK, with branch offices in SE Asia and Latin America.

More information is available at www.oregan.net.

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