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Orga Systems implements new Virtual Voucher System upgrade at TIM Brasil

by david.nunes

Orga Systems implements new Virtual Voucher System upgrade at TIM Brasil


Superior functionality and performance optimize recharge strategy and distribution network

Paderborn (Germany), 08 April 2014 – Orga Systems, a leading software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions, with an international customer base in the telecommunications, utilities and automotive markets, has successfully upgraded its Virtual Voucher System (VVS), an innovative sales and distribution product for prepaid recharge of mobile airtime, at TIM Brasil. The innovative Brazilian mobile network operator, belonging to the Telecom Italia Group, and Orga Systems have been partners for more than 15 years. The project was successfully carried out in order to manage prepaid top-ups in a faster and more sophisticated way providing outstanding ROI, additional business intelligence and sales statistics as well as enhanced subscriber acceptance and satisfaction.

Cost savings through streamlined sales processes
The new release of Orga Systems’ Virtual Voucher System which is completely server based provides greater flexibility for distributors and retailer users. The new streamlined sales process contains a reduced number of necessary steps to complete any recharge operation leading to tremendous cost savings and recharge service improvements for customers and distribution partners. Every level of the distribution network is extended with additional attributes simplifying the management of all system data. Furthermore, the upgraded VVS comes with increased reporting capabilities which make it easier to filter, extract and modify system data while maintaining an efficient performance for daily operation. Additional recharge business rules are included in order to optimize the retail network and reach out to new customer segments and gain insight on their recharge behavior.

Orga Systems’ Virtual Voucher System is aligned with TIM Brasil’s recharge strategy which enables the operator to actively manage its recharge approaches and capitalize on the existing distributor relations and sales networks. Orga Systems is looking forward to further contributing to TIM Brasil’s ongoing success and strong positioning in Brazil’s highly competitive market.

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