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Orga Systems offers premium business care services

by david.nunes

Business CARE enables sustainable business growth

Paderborn (Germany) 16 November 2010: Orga Systems delivers premium business care services to enable smooth and profitable operations for sustainable business growth. The level of highly professional support – standard, plus and max – enables tailored offerings to meet customers’ requirements. Efficient “off the shelf”-support that is customized for individual needs as well as proactive services contribute to high-end availability.

Operators’ benefits
The main benefit from Orga Systems premium services are market driven product releases meeting market needs and outstanding flexibility. Best availability and short term OPEX decrease complete the first class offering. Orga Systems Business CARE services are available as two differentiated packages: Product CARE and Solution CARE services

Product CARE – tailored to individual needs
Considering market needs for a profitable and proactive business, Orga Systems’ product portfolio delivers customer value based on latest market requirements. Roadmap planning with market and customer focus protects investments and makes business cases profitable. Based on standardized products, a high customer involvement provides outstanding agility.
Orga Systems’ Product CARE can be tailored to individual needs. 24/7 first line support, service delivery management and proactive availability management are some of the key elements that keep business critical applications highly available.

Solution CARE for professional business operation support
Orga Systems’ Solution Support is customer centric – customers’ key benefits are an outstanding performance and flexibility. Based on Orga Systems’ Product CARE, Solution CARE considers revenue generating end2end business solutions. Local support centers provide 24/7 service restoration, dedicated specialists and continuous reporting to support continuous operation that makes business planning reliable.
Orga Systems’ Solution CARE includes multilevel proactive support that enables health and availability of your solution and reduced service outage. Main benefits of Orga Systems’ Solution CARE are capacity and health checks, proactive maintenance and holistic system monitoring.

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