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Orga Systems recognized as ‘Sample Vendor’ in two Gartner Hype Cycle reports

by david.nunes

Orga Systems recognized as “Sample Vendor” in two Gartner Hype Cycle reports
Changing consumption patterns and the need to move beyond traditional pricing models are driving Integrated Policy and Charging Control

Paderborn (Germany), 12 August 2014: Orga Systems, a leading software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions, with an international customer base in the telecommunications, utilities and automotive markets, announced today that it was mentioned as a “Sample Vendor” in two Gartner Hype Cycle Reports: “Hype Cycle for Communications Service Provider Operations, 2014” and “Hype Cycle for Communications Service Provider Digital Services Enablement, 2014”. Gartner identified Orga Systems as a “Sample Vendor” for “Convergent Charging” as well as for “Integrated Policy and Charging Control Solutions”.

Policy and charging are moving closer together
Both Hype Cycle reports state that “in the last two years, policy and charging have been moving closer together, resulting in higher penetration of integrated solutions. This is largely a result of growing concerns in the industry about changing consumption patterns for data services and the need to move beyond traditional pricing models.”

Further Gartner identified in both reports specific benefits “Convergent Charging” can have for Communications Service Providers (CSPs):

  • “Increased ARPU by selling additional services
  • Reduced operating expenditure through system consolidation
  • Improved customer loyalty and reduced churn by offering bundled solutions
  • Provision of a complex-account hierarchy for large enterprises
  • Introduction of hybrid service models”

Integrated policy and convergent charging become inevitable
“We are pleased to be included as a sample vendor in the two Hype Cycle reports. We believe this recognition confirms our vision and strategy that integrated policy and real-time convergent charging are becoming inevitable for CSPs as well as service providers from other industries who want to take advantage of new market opportunities,” says Wolfgang Kroh, CEO Orga Systems. “We feel Gartner’s findings confirm our approach of embedding policy management functionality as integral part of our GOLD Convergent Charging and Billing system,” he adds.

GOLD CCB is Orga Systems’ end-to-end convergent online/offline charging, billing and financial management product with embedded policy control. It is one of the leading real-time platforms in the market that is designed around a single rating engine and a unified subscriber data repository. Embedded policy control re-enforces revenues from 3G and 4G / LTE data services and helps service providers to offer personalized services and move beyond flat rate pricing. Its unified view to all customer data, services and usage enables full transparency and real-time customer self service via various channels.

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