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by david.nunes

Administration Department
The Administration Department deals with all financial and payment matters, receipt of goods, office maintenance and all other issues pertaining to the running of the company.
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Brenda Lafeuille – Administrator
Richard Clinton – Finance Manager

Circulation Department
Circulation refers to the wide distribution of the magazine to our readership base and at numerous key ICT trade events at which we are media partners.
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Charlotte Elmes – Membership Manager

Editorial Department
All matters referring to the content in the print and online magazines, are the responsibility of our Editorial team.
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Fredric Morris – Editor-in-Chief
David Nunes – Editor
Rebecca Copeland – Editor
Tony Samuels – Editor
Anthony Weaver – Editorial Manager

Marketing Department
The Marketing Department deals with all matters relating to promotion of company products and services. This department is also responsible for all contra/barter agreements and distribution of promotional materials.
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Tony Palmer – Marketing Manager
Juan Paul – Marketing Assistant

Online Department
Online refers to the content of the www.connect-world.com website, including subscription to the electronic versions of the magazine, Connect-World Recruitment, ICT News, Blogs, RSS, podcasts and widgets. All maintenance and technical web issues should be referred to this department.
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Stephen Nwangoro – Production Assistant

Production Department
The Production Department is responsible for design and typesetting in the magazine and on the web site.
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Colin Yim – Production Manager
Stephen Nwangoro – Production Assistant

Sales Department
The Sales Department is in charge of booking advertisements and advertorials for the magazine, e-letter and on the company website.
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Tony Palmer – Sales Manager
Bushra Mohammed – Sales Executive
David Bedwell – Sales Executive

Recruitment Department
Connect-World Recruitment is an online ICT jobs board with both permanent and temporary staffing requirements anywhere in the world.
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