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Over 1,000 organisations now deploying private mobile networks 

by Anthony Weaver

Latest GSA data confirms at least 1077 unique organisations and government entities have now launched private mobile networks in locations around the world

London, UK – 27th February 2023 –
 The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) today confirmed that it has identified at least 1077 organisations across 74 countries now deploying LTE or 5G Private Mobile Networks in locations around the globe. The new “Private Mobile Networks – February 2023” report shares the GSA’s latest data regarding the Private Mobile Networks (PMN) market and shows accelerating growth among its contributing members, with a net addition of 122 customer references, up from 955 in the previous quarter. 

Over 64% of references included in the GSA’s GAMBoD database are non-public and unique to this database, submitted by GSA PMN SIG members. While manufacturing, education and mining remain the top 3 verticals for most customer references, device testing and lab-as-a-service, public venues and other neutral hosts, along with continued strong growth in manufacturing, were among the fastest-growing verticals in 2022. 

For the first time, the report also details dedicated locally licensed/leased spectrum for private enterprise networks, including countries where spectrum is allocated and/or being considered. The global data reveals a strong, positive correlation between the number of private mobile network references and countries with dedicated spectrum. Private Mobile Networks are mainly in the developed world so far, with USA, Germany, China, UK and Japan being the top 5 countries with the most references.  

“2022 was a record year, eclipsing previous years in terms of new customers announced, with 321 customer references,” commented Joe Barrett, President of Global mobile Suppliers Association. “However, even with surpassing the milestone of over 1,000 organisations, this number is only part of the story. It still doesn’t represent the total number of network deployments by individual organisations or indeed the revenue being generated by this growing market. In many cases, 2022 was a year of even more substantial growth with customers beginning to transition from single site to multi-site and larger deployments, and vendors reporting winning significant multi-million contracts.  

“Early signs suggest that despite a tough economic forecast for 2023, investment in private mobile network infrastructure is expected to remain strong due to the cost efficiencies they deliver and their importance to modernizing and optimizing the communications infrastructure of many critical public and private industries,” Barrett continued. 

The new GSA report Private-Mobile-Networks February 2023 includes insights on vertical markets and regions with identified private network deployments (pilot and commercial), with data broken down by technology (LTE, LTE+5G, 5G) and spectrum bands.   

A free executive summary of the report can be downloaded here https://gsacom.com/paper/private-mobile-networks-february-2023-summary-report/  (registration required).  

The full report, available to all GSA Members and Associates subscribing to the GAMBoD service, includes a full listing of organisations deploying Private Mobile Networks based on LTE or 5G and is segmented by vertical, country, network type, technology and spectrum band. 

Members of the GSA Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group include Airspan, Ericsson, Huawei, Keysight Technologies, Mavenir, Nokia and PrivateLTEand5G.com. The group tracks customer deployments from other all vendors and invites companies to join the PMN SIG with the aim of promoting the ecosystem and market adoption globally.   

Membership and participation in the Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) is open to members from across the telecommunications ecosystem who wish to promote Private Mobile Networks ecosystem. For more information or a Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) Application Form, please email secretariat@gsacom.com

About the data: 

The data represents customers of PMNs by country and is not to be confused with network deployments, with some organisations deploying private mobile networks at multiple locations. GSA counts customer references as unique organisations/government entities deploying one or more 3GPP-based 4G LTE or 5G networks in a given country that are worth more than €100,000. 

About GSA
GSA is the voice of the global mobile ecosystem representing companies engaged in the supply of infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, devices, applications and mobile support services. The organisation plays a central role in promoting 3GPP technology, advocating spectrum policies and stimulating IMT industry development. The association is a single source of information for industry reports and market intelligence. 

The GSA GAMBoD database is a unique search and analysis tool that has been developed to enable searches of LTE and 5G devices and new global data on Mobile Broadband Networks, Technologies and Spectrum (NTS). Results are presented as a list or in charts. Charts may be inserted into documents or presentations, subject to accreditation of GSA as the source. 

GAMBoD is a resource dedicated to promoting the success and growth of the Mobile Broadband (MBB) industry and ecosystem and is fully available to all employees of GSA Executive and Ordinary Member companies and GSA Associates who subscribe to the service. More information on GAMBoD is available here: https://gsacom.com/gambod/ 

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