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Oxylabs ranked as the fastest growing external data acquisition company in Europe.

by Anthony Weaver

Oxylabs, a leading public data gathering solutions provider, is ranked among the European fastest growing companies in the latest Financial Times report FT1000. Oxylabs ranks the highest out of all the public data acquisition companies in the continent.

The sixth annual FT1000 ranking lists 1000 companies that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2017 and 2020. With a compound annual growth rate of 50.2 percent, Oxylabs is the fastest growing public data gathering solutions company in Europe.

“Oxylabs earning a position in this prestigious ranking shows how much public web data gathering has transformed from a niche service to an indispensable business function. We have been witnessing a major shift in the past few years which allowed us to grow in terms of clientele, revenue, and employees and be in the same list with more mainstream and much earlier established technology companies”, – says Julius Černiauskas, CEO of Oxylabs.

Public web data has been growing in importance every year, especially as the global pandemic provoked an unprecedented digitalization of businesses. The growing competition requires companies to collect more diverse data from more diverse sources than ever before to stay ahead of everyone else.

Oxylabs provides infrastructure for large scale public web data gathering. Companies use Oxylabs products and services to support their business operations with external data – conduct market research and competitor monitoring, get pricing intelligence, perform SEO keyword research, monitor cyber threats, and for many more use cases. Oxylabs clients include large global marketplaces, international financial service companies, travel fare aggregators, cybersecurity organizations, to name a few.

FT1000 Fastest growing companies in Europe is published annually. The full FT1000 2022 list is available here.

About Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a leading global provider of premium proxies and data scraping solutions for large-scale web data gathering. The company’s mission is clear: To give every business – whether big or small – access to big data. With unmatched hands-on experience in publicly available web data gathering, Oxylabs is in trusted partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and global businesses, helping them unearth hidden gems of business intelligence data through state-of-the-art products and technological expertise. For more information, please visit: https://oxylabs.io/.

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