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Packet Extractor from Telesoft Technologies aids network intelligence in 10-100Gb/s telecom networks

by david.nunes

Blandford, UK – 8 December, 2010 – Telesoft Technologies, a global provider of media, monitoring and signaling platforms, today announced availability of packet extraction hardware for core telecom networks.

The Packet Extractor allows operators and system integrators to monitor and filter the mixed traffic flowing in 1-100Gb/s packet networks, passing only the data of interest for onward processing. A survey function classifies data by type, such as VoIP, e-mail and GTP data, and multiplexes each traffic type to individual outputs. The Packet Extractor has multiple inputs to monitor 1-100G Ethernet or SDH/SONET networks traffic from which it multiplexes relevant traffic to lower speed 1Gb/s outputs.

“Understanding and manipulating the data found in optical networks at or above 10Gb/s, poses particular issues for network operators,” said Andy Evripides, VP Sales and Marketing. “Data is transported as mixed traffic in multiple data streams over a single optical fiber. The Packet Extractor is a key network intelligence tool allowing operators to avoid network overload by limiting data volumes, and to analyze the traffic flowing through their networks, by filtering and extracting individual data types for onward processing and analysis”.

Optical fiber based mobile backhaul networks are experiencing huge growth with operators installing 3G, LTE and Wimax to capture market share. Data is transported in multiple data streams over the single optical fiber. Analysis of this communication is an important factor to ensure premium customers have a premium service.  The Packet Extractor provides the means to extract and analyze these data streams. It also filters out unwanted data to counteract these increasing data volumes, ensuring current infrastructure does not become flooded with data.

Commercial uses for the Packet Extractor include extracting data quality of service applications, detect fraud or intrusion, and to understand and manage traffic flows in operator networks and other network intelligence applications. The Packet Extractor can also provide an active traffic shaping function to route and filter particular data of interest in the network.

Initially the Packet Extractor will support multiple inputs at 1G and 10Gb Ethernet, extending to 40G and 100G Ethernet during 2011, with groomed data output via multiple 1G Ethernet ports.

About Telesoft Technologies:

For more than 20 years the world’s leading Operators, SIs, OEMs and application developers have relied on our signaling, media and monitoring platforms. They continue to depend on our technology to deliver revenue and non-revenue generating solutions for mobile and converged networks in areas such as media services, fraud, billing, roaming, monitoring and location.

As networks evolve our experience in real-world deployments coupled with our engineering prowess and financial stability ensures we are the partner you can rely on. More information is available at www.telesoft-technologies.com.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Daniels (Telesoft Technologies) Product Marketing Manager

Tel: +44 1258 486 518

Email: tdaniels_at_telesoft-technologies.com

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