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PacketFront enables multi-play services in the Telemark network

by david.nunes

PacketFront and HeLi NET have won a new customer in Germany: Telemark. Heli NET, using the name City2020, operates an Open Access network in the Hamm region of western Germany. Telemark is the neighboring community, and both parties have signed a cooperation agreement in order to combine their networks to leverage the synergy between both networks. Telemark already has its own network based on fiber, as well as on copper in several German cities in the Märkischer Kreis region.

HeLi NET will be a service provider in the Telemark network. This will mean that both companies will share a common software platform for all activities in the networks, from control and provisioning up to and including all business processes, e.g. billing, customer registration and ticketing. The whole approach is realized using PacketFront’s BECS and BBE software solution. Together with the software, the complete solution also uses PacketFront’s Service Engine, which enables the whole conversion and service transfer as well as Keymile’s MileGate multiplexer for multi customer connectivity.
The HeLi NET and Telemark networks will be merged and under the control of the PacketFront platform during December.

‘Telemark as well as HeLi NET pursue the Open Access model and in this case it means that HeLi NET provides services into Telemark’s network of which finally the end-customers profit, since they can choose from a huge service variety according to individual needs and demands,’ says Peter König from HeLi NET.
‘This is an exciting project; on the one hand side it shows that a new business model is implemented which is based on cooperation in order to generate synergies and increase market shares in the region. And on the other hand it is fantastic that many entities with different strengths and capabilities are involved in the project and make it happen’, says Stefan Röntgen, Manager Sales PacketFront.
Marc Kahabka, Head of KEYMILE´s local sales team, adds: “We greatly appreciate Packet Front´s efforts integrating MileGate in the BECS and BBE Open Access provisioning platform. This combination enables FTTH operators such as Telemark to profit from many synergies.”

In the first stage Telemark has started with a pilot of 240 connections, and during the next step approximately 1000 multi-dwelling-units (MDU) will be connected.

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