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Panasonic introduces world’s lightest 4K laser projector

by david.nunes

Panasonic introduces world’s lightest 4K laser projector

Panasonic is set to release the world’s lightest and most compact 3-Chip DLPTM laser projector featuring beyond 4K resolution.

First previewed at ISE 2015, the 10,000 lumens PT-RQ13K has a Quad Pixel Drive that produces detailed, film-like, 4K+ images.

The optical axis of the projector is shifted both horizontally and vertically at a high frame rate of up to 240 Hz, to create four different pixels from a single pixel – effectively quadrupling the pixel density of the image.

A new generation of detail clarity processors analyses the requirement for extra pixels and optimise the output for fluid, detailed, high-contrast images.

Hartmut Kulessa, European Projector Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, “Panasonic has traditionally been very popular with the rental and staging market because of the build quality and compact nature of its projectors. The PT-RQ13K’s cabinet is about half the size of some competitor 4K resolution products, it is capable of 360 degree orientation and is compatible with our existing 3-Chip lenses, so it’s sure to appeal to rental and staging professionals.”

The projector also includes a fail-safe dual-drive laser optical engine which ensures a 20,000 hour light-source life and a laser light-source engine which allows 24/7 operation.

A new liquid-cooling system reduces operating noise and maximises the laser light source performance. These features create a platform that opens up new possibilities for the digital signage sector, such as permanent 3D mapping shows.

The PT-RQ13K is available in November 2015, with an RRP of £64,850 (exc. VAT).

For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions please visit: http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/

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