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paradox engineering develops new eutelsat’s smart lnb terminal for connected tv and enters the han markets

Novazzano, 12 September 2013 – Paradox Engineering has been chosen by Eutelsat, the leading satellite operator in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to develop the new “smart LNB” terminal for connected TV. The historically consolidated relationship between the two Companies is now enriched by this innovative development which takes advantage of Paradox Engineering’s proven engineering skills in remote connected objects and integrated network solutions design, implementation and management, – shaped by proven multi-year project and program management expertise. The “smart LNB” will be presented during the upcoming IBC Conference in Amsterdam, next September 13-17, with a live demo at Eutelsat stand.

The “smart LNB” developed by Paradox Engineering for Eutelsat will be a completely open standard platform. It will enable the next generation of bidirectional connected TV platform services for broadcasters and network operators willing to offer interactive services (HbbTV, pay-per-view, social networking, live show participation, personal subscription management…).

For the first time in satellite services evolution, the smart LNB provides a cost-effective solution for interactive broadcasting and M2M services, scalable to tens of millions users, with a consumer-grade equipment. This target is reached thanks to the use of edge-cutting technologies, such as bandwidth efficient protocols and high throughput satellites.

The high flexibility provided by the system, coupled with Paradox Engineering’s state-of-the-art core wireless network technologies, set the ground for machine-to-machine and home automation value added applications: remote assistance of domestic appliances, interactive energy management services, telemedicine, building automation, smart metering, and many more. It will enable an IPv6 indoor HAN for millions of interactive TV services subscribers: developers and companies will be able to design applications and technologies for customers willing to take advantage of them.

Additionally, the system will open the whole Smart City market offering the possibility to build a communication backbone to support the implementation of a citywide bidirectional network platform serving multiple applications (smart metering, public lighting management, traffic signal management, …).

Fully compatible with existing consumer satellite equipment, the system is also designed to be compliant to new energy consumption regulations thanks to “zero power stand-by” technology and design that completely eliminate the electricity consumption of the electronic that are in standby mode.

The “smart LNB” is the perfect synthesis of our consolidated history and experience in integrated network solutions design, implementation and management and in remote connected objects. It brings Paradox Engineering to successfully enter in the new satellite broadcasting era and to pave the strategy towards the Home Aarea Network market. After developing industrial data transportation technologies, urban and industrial wireless sensor networks and M2M solutions, these are further steps for Paradox Engineering in its long term Internet of Things strategy”, states Gianni Minetti, President & CEO, Paradox Engineering. “The development of the “smart LNB” is also an additional move in the multi-year partnership with Eutelsat, who acknowledges our technology design and engineering skills”

The system

The “smart LNB” is a new-generation electronic feed connected to an antenna with an embedded transmitter to provide services such as HbbTV, pay-per-view, social networking, live show participation, personal subscription management and audience measurement. It opens the door for broadcasters to operate their own ecosystem of linear television and connected TV services directly by satellite. Additionally, it allows them to extend their services to new domestic applications in the home automation domain thanks to Paradox Engineering’s PE.STONE wireless 6LoWPAN module. Operating in unlicensed frequency bands, it supports the extension of the IPv6 wireless network to home utilities and devices, for remote assistance, metering, interactive energy management services, and building automation applications.

This key differentiating feature allows each HAN enabled ”smart LNB” to extend its target market thanks to multiple new applications for subscribers, and therefore fosters the shape and the growth of a whole ecosystem of new service and solution providers who can base their portfolio on this new platform.

Paradox Engineering’s design for the “smart LNB” also integrates the very low power stand-by mode, commonly known as zero-standby, with radio connectivity for the remote control, hence is compliant with low-power stand by consumption regulation.

The “smart LNB” will also support a Web Server application for remote control and configuration, and will ensure high reliability and robustness, coupled with a self-protecting and self-diagnostic system,

Excellent partners with solid and recognized expertise collaborate to the “smart LNB” development with Paradox Engineering, which has built and guides an ecosystem of leading market players such as Space Engineering and Mindway Design, who contribute to ensure a world-class result.

The “smart LNB” is now in its industrialization phase for commercial availability in the first half of 2014; it will be presented during the upcoming IBC Conference in Amsterdam, next September 13-17, with a live demo at Eutelsat stand 1.D59 in Hall 1.


Abou Paradox Engineering SA

Paradox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services to unlock the value of data for industrial remote and condition monitoring, Smart Grid/Smart City, M2M, HUMS and HAN projects in the Internet of Things era. The unique competences in radio design, network design and management, satellite telecommunications, low power consumption and energy harvesting, and data collection are at the heart of Paradox Engineering’s DNA. The Company conceives and provides open standard urban and industrial wireless sensor network solutions, global virtual networks and OEM versions of its core network technologies, to companies and developers.

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts on a truly global scale, with business and projects spanning over five continents and with a consolidated network of global strategic partners. For more information, please visit www.pdxeng.ch and www.pe-stone.ch

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