Windows XP – currently utilized on 51% of computers worldwide — leaves 3TB+ disk space inaccessible. With FREE Paragon GPT Loader you can utilize the ENTIRE hard drive!

FREIBURG, Germany, November 9, 2010 – Paragon Software Group (PSG), the technology leader in innovative data security and data management solutions, today announced the release of a new migration technology – Paragon GPT Loader for Windows XP. The new technology helps Windows XP users gain full access to all 3TB+ modern hard disk drives as secondary drives in the system and, consequently, increases PC hard disk drive capacity.

Hardware manufacturers are producing disk drives with geometric increases in disk capacity compared to a few years ago, broadening their appeal and functionality for a wide spectrum of end users. The new 3TB and larger drives – ideal for storing sizeable files such as HD-video, archived images and music in lossless compression format – can be used as external storage devices alongside desktops and laptops, or inserted inside workstations and home computers. As opposed to modern Vista and Windows 7, older Windows XP (currently utilized on 51% of computers worldwide), do not support hard disk drives larger than 2TB, recognizing only 2^32 sectors of the disk, or 2TB (2048GB) of data.

Previously, Windows users who wanted a new 3TB+ drive had two options: The first, simply plugging the drive into the computer and using the 3TB+ drive as a 2TB drive, meant paying for storage that could not be utilized. The second, upgrading a well-tuned and familiar OS to Windows 7 in order to make GPT partitions on the new 3TB+ drive, meant risking a hardware upgrade, if the computer did not have the performance level for the new OS. Paragon Software Group, however, has developed a cost- and resource-effective third option: the use of a specially designed driver, Paragon GPT Loader, which adds the functionality to support the GPT partitioning scheme to grant full, native access to large hard disk drives under Windows XP. For more information about the product, please visit:

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Paragon GPT Loader supports Windows XP computers and is available for immediate download, free of charge: As part of the Early Adopter Program, interested parties are invited to run pre-production software to help validate features of the new technology.

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