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Payforit In-App Billing Set to Launch at AIME’s Summit

by david.nunes

Payforit In-App Billing Set to Launch at AIME’s Summit

Payforit Summit will see in-app billing details announced

London, 6th June, 2013 – AIME (www.aimelink.org) today announced that details of the new In-App billing function will be broadcast to all merchants attending this summer’s Payforit Summit. Whilst trials of the new billing mechanism on Android devices are still underway, the In-App billing capabilities are set to revolutionise the way customers purchase upgrades and add-ons whilst re-defining digital revenue streams for operators.

The Payforit Summit (payforitsummit.com), which takes place on June 26th at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace in Central London, will see the results of current In-App billing trials revealed. During the Summit announcement current and prospective Payforit merchants will learn more about the availability of the new function and how it will be rolled out across the mobile entertainment marketplace to capitalise on a new consumer audience.

Businesses, developers and app publishers will now be able to profit from app development and usage long after the initial download and sell their goods and services to consumers through the ease of micro payments.

Consumers will also benefit from the friction-free and secure checkout mobile payment system already offered by Payforit, with app users being able to purchase upgrades such as new lives and power ups without prolonged interruption to game play or app usage. The payment for upgrades will be deducted from their mobile phone’s prepaid balance or added to their monthly bill to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction without leaving the app and without the hassle and additional time spent inputting their credit or debit card details.

“In-app billing is the next stage in the continued development of Payforit,” said Toby Padgham, Director of AIME. “As an industry we are striving to make mobile payments through Payforit the best possible and smoothest payment mechanism for consumers, which will in turn increase the revenues of those merchants using Payforit and increase consumer choice. In-app billing is the next step for us.”

Following recent headlines regarding unauthorised in-app purchases on mobile devices, In-App billing using Payforit will enable operators and consumers to avoid premium pitfalls with a service that was designed with consumer protection at the fore. Payforit can apply a daily billing limit of £30, while for all apps defined as targeted at children, Payforit can help the developer or publisher avoid unwanted headlines by creating a children’s limit of £3 per month. To offer further security benefits Payforit’s In-App billing uses third party Accredited Payment Intermediaries (APIs) to take payment and provide a smooth and simple transaction between merchant and consumer.

Details regarding the launch of the In-App system and how the direct operator billing will affect mCommerce strategy for operators, developers and app publishers will be announced at AIME’s Payforit Summit. The event will take place on June 26th at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace in Central London.

For more information regarding the Payforit Summit or to purchase tickets to attend, please visit: http://payforitsummit.com/.

About AIME

AIME is the UK based trade organisation representing the commercial interests of member companies involved in the interactive media and entertainment industry – where consumers interact or engage with services across converged media platforms, and pay for services or content using a variety of micropayment technologies.


About the Payforit Summit

The inaugural Payforit Summit, organised by AIME, will be held on June 26th 2013 at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace in Central London. Tickets for the Summit are just £99 and is the perfect event for any business that is keen to target the UK’s growing smartphone and mobile-savvy audience.

The Summit is being sponsored by all the UK’s mobile operators: EE, 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone who will all be attending and speaking as well.

Attendees will also get the chance to meet the networks with an introduction to each mobile operator in the morning of the event, as well as learning more about each network in the intimate afternoon sessions. Industry sponsors for the event include ImpulsePay and Oxygen8.


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