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Peaches launches prelado app for Firefox OS

by david.nunes

The free app for topping up prepaid mobile phone credit is now available on the Firefox OS operating system

Wiesbaden, 20th November 2014 – Peaches AG has released its prelado app (www.prelado.de) for the Firefox operating system Firefox OS. The app is already live and can be downloaded free of charge from the Firefox Marketplace: prelado peaches mobile. The prelado app provides a convenient way for users to top up their prepaid mobiles using the mobile internet. Peaches AG’s mobile phone top-up platform was originally available on Google Play for Android smartphones and iTunes for iOS iPhones, before subsequently being launched for Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 8.

Peaches AG enables prepaid mobile phone users to top up their mobile credit easily from the comfort of their sofa. What’s more, no log-in data is required to use prelado. All users need to do is enter their mobile number. The new mobile credit is available immediately after topping up. “Firefox OS believes in tailoring its services to users’ needs and in offering complete flexibility in everyday life. As such, the apps made available for use on this operating system are first tested in terms of their usefulness. We are extremely proud that our prelado app was able to make it on to the list of successful apps offered by the Firefox system without encountering any hitches,” states Reinhold M. Sigler, Managing Director of Peaches AG.

The launch marks yet another addition to the range of services provided by Peaches AG for prepaid mobile users. The aim of our large portfolio is to enable our customers to make telephone calls and chat everywhere and at any time regardless of which type of mobile they have, their mobile operating system or network operator. “Before, users had to buy top-up cards from a petrol station or supermarket. Everyone can still remember having to scratch the panels on these cards to reveal codes. The prelado app does away with all of that and makes the entire process much easier,” explains Sigler. Companies, too, can benefit from the services offered by Peaches by choosing to integrate prelado into their own website in a design customised to their individual look and feel. By offering this White Label solution, Peaches provides companies with a unique tool capable of increasing customer retention, boosting the conversion rate of websites and generating a greater sense of brand loyalty among visitors to the sites.

The Peaches Group (www.peachesgroup.com) provides independent prepaid services. Users can use Peaches to top up their prepaid mobiles in real time on the Internet or their smartphone. The only information needed is the telephone number and the mobile operator. The service already supports more than 30 mobile operators (including Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus, Telefonica O2) and the movement is growing. The simple and flexible prepaid service is available for smartphones via the free prelado app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Currently, the Peaches Group also provides a customised White Label solution for companies. The ability to offer the prepaid service via a company’s own website as a White Label service increases traffic on the company’s website, boosts customer retention and generates increased turnover as a result.

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