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Perforce Software Announces Winners of its First Annual Customer Innovation Awards: The Versionaries

by david.nunes

Perforce Software Announces Winners of its First Annual Customer Innovation Awards: The Versionaries

Organisations Honoured for Achievements Using Perforce’s Version Management Software

WOKINGHAM, UK (April 24, 2013) – Perforce Software today announced the winners of its inaugural Versionary Awards for customer innovation. Elite organisations were recognised for their excellence in applying Perforce software to challenging collaboration and development requirements—such a continuous delivery and third-generation globalisation. Winners in 10 categories will be recognised today at Merge 2013, the Perforce conference, held this year in San Francisco, April 23 – 26.

“We are continually impressed by our customers and are honoured to play a supporting role in the many innovations and creative work they deliver,” said Christopher Seiwald, CEO of Perforce. “We started the Versionary Awards as a way of recognising our customers who are stretching the boundaries of what can be done in software development, and who boldly go where no version management has gone before.”

Versionary Award winners were selected from 114 nominations submitted from around the world. Categories and recipients include:

· Best Adoption of Continuous Delivery Principles – Edmunds.com
Version control is essential to establishing a continuous delivery pipeline. This award recognises the Perforce customer who most completely adopted these principles, storing all product source code, configuration, environment and related documentation in a single version control platform.

· Best Versioning of Everything for Everyone – McKesson Specialty Health
This award recognises Perforce customers who are opening up versioning to users and content beyond developers and source code.

· Best Third-Generation Globalisation – Ruckus Wireless
In 3G globalisation, development teams across continents and time zones all commit to the same project. This award recognises those companies that are using Perforce to enable this challenging, but rewarding development style.

· Best Use of Open Source with Perforce – Bank of America
This award recognises companies that are using Perforce to version and connect their open-source and in-house components.

· Best Perforce Product Developed by a Customer – ALOC A/S
Perforce customers often use Perforce technology as a versioning platform on which they build advance new applications and capabilities. This award recognises these innovations.

· Most Innovation Application of Perforce – AMD
This award recognises companies using Perforce in unique and creative ways.

· Best Use of Perforce for Auditing and Compliance – GE Healthcare
This award recognises companies that are managing risk by using Perforce to track key deployment information.

· Perforce World Records:
Versionary Awards are also given to companies that raised the bar in their use of Perforce. Including the following:

o Most Unusual File Stored in Perforce – Pixar and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (co-winners)

o Highest Changelist Number – Blackberry

o Most Varied File Types in a Single Depot – Ubisoft

Perforce Enterprise Version Management products power the world’s most demanding development environments. Versioning and managing any variety of digital assets-from software and firmware to documents and artwork-Perforce fosters collaboration on a global scale and enables enterprises to enjoy the benefits of greater productivity, security and compliance. More than 400,000 users in over 5,500 organisations-including Fortune 500 companies, world-class innovators, emerging market leaders-use Perforce as their enterprise version management platform.

Free for 20 Users

All Perforce products are provided free of charge for up to 20 users. Perforce is also free to all educational institutions and for open source projects. To take advantage of the Perforce 20/20 program or to sign-up for a free OnDemand trial of Perforce, please visit www.perforce.com.

About Perforce Software

Perforce Software is trusted by industry-leading companies, such as Salesforce.com, SAP and the New York Stock Exchange to manage their most valuable IP. Perforce products help teams work in concert on important digital assets, including software code, documents, multimedia, spreadsheets, images and more. Perforce is unique in its ability to handle large and distributed collections of content, enabling higher productivity, lower costs, improved security and compliance. With the addition of its document collaboration tool, Commons, Perforce is now making it easy for everyone to take advantage of its powerful versioning capabilities. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California, with international operations in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit www.perforce.com.

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