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Phihong’s Complete Line of Level V-Rated Products

by david.nunes

Level V ratings enable CE markings in Europe…

Phihong’s Complete Line of Level V-Rated Products From 2-120W Provides OEMs With Worldwide Compliance

TIVERTON, U.K. (August 25, 2011)- Phihong USA, a global leader in power technology, now offers the most complete line of Level V-rated standard adapters, as well as passive Power-over-Ethernet products, ensuring that global OEMs can simplify specification and purchase of products that meet worldwide energy efficiency standards. Level V compliance is now a requirement for products to receive a CE marking, which is necessary if they are to be sold in the European Union.

“Energy efficiency has long been a top priority in the development of Phihong products, with many of our products reaching Level V efficiency long before it became the standard,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. “Therefore, we can offer the broadest line of compliant adapters, which simplifies the specification process for OEMs, as they can buy adapters to meet worldwide energy standards from a single supplier.”

To meet Level V specifications, a standard external power supply must meet the minimum efficiency requirements as declared by the European Union’s Energy Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC, based on the now sunset ENERGY STAR EPS version 2.0 specifications. For more specific information, users may download a PDF of the final ErP Directive from






The Level V-rated adapters are available in 5-56V desktop versions with outputs of 20W to 120W and 3-56V wall-mount versions with outputs of 2-60W, including some with interchangeable AC clips for worldwide compatibility.

Additionally, several of Phihong’s Power-over-Ethernet products are Level

V-compliant: the POE16R-560, a 16W wall plug adapter; the POE31X Series, a 30W midspan; and the POE61X Series, a 60W midspan.

For more information including product specifications visit



or contact Phihong sales at sales@phihongusa.com.



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