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Phonitive Launches Touchalize™ Interactive Technology

by david.nunes
Phonitive Launches Touchalize™ Interactive Technology
Paris/Toulouse, 4-6 December 2012 – Touchalize™, a new innovative technology, which allows smart phone and tablet users to engage with mobile advertising, mobile games and other rich digital mobile media, and interact through the touch screen in ways never before possible, is launched today by mobile software development pioneer, Phonitive.
The Touchalize interactive experience opens up a world of possibilities in mobile video, mobile TV, advertising, mobile gaming and other sectors for both brands and end users, alike. An advertising clip, which has been ‘Touchalized’ allows users to interact in real time with different elements of the running advert with a simple touch to the smartphone or tablet screen. Users can change things like the colours of objects, or place their own content and photos inside the video, itself.
Take an advert for a car driving on a mountain road; you change the car’s colour with a touch of the screen on the car itself, to see what it looks like in blue, red, or green; then you paste your own face onto the well-known hitchhiker who’s about to get into the car. This actually allows you to become the star of the advert instead of the well known Hollywood actor known to be associated with the ad, originally! And it’s at this point you’re likely to send the clip to family and friends. So, it won’t be long before the ad also goes viral as they all do the same ‘re-versioning’ of the clip, their own faces accompanying the brand, as the car races around the mountain in global cyberspace!
Then, because you are actually interested in finding out more about the car, Touchalize takes you deeper into the brand. Another touch of the screen and augmented video provides details of price, availability and location-based details of how and where to test drive one at the local dealership that’s just around the corner from where you are – whether you’re in Paris, London or Toulouse – an immediate appointment can be arranged through a final touch of the Touchalized advert.
From a pizza delivery service, a concert, a brand of washing powder, or ladies’ fashion, literally anything a brand wants its audience to find out through a Touchalized video, clip or film, can be delivered.
Phonitive’s CEO and the inventor of Touchalize, Guillaume Lemoine, says, “Today’s launch of Touchalize takes mobile touchscreen interaction – whether iPhone, iPad or Android – to a whole new level. It will change the way people interact with brand advertising in the mobile world to the benefit of users and brands alike and it will change the way people are able to play games. It’s a real game changer.”
Touchalize (www.touchalize.com) is making its debut today in Paris, as parent company, Phonitive, takes part in the LeWeb 2012 Start-up Competition (4-6 December) as one of the 16 finalists.
About Phonitive: www.phonitive.fr
Toulouse-based Phonitive was formed in 2010 as a future-looking, digital media software and mobile application development company, pioneering solutions for next-generation smart phone and tablet devices running iOS and Android. Its visionary founder, Guillaume Lemoine, sets the company’s projects in motion only after looking years ahead to ensure they will have longevity and a place in the digital mobile world of the future. Earlier this year the company was awarded the Digital Economy Grand Prize by the TIC (Technologies de l’information et de la communication) in South-West France for latest digital innovation.


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