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Picture the World with Smarter, Brighter, Superfast Broadband – Connect-World Asia-Pacific II 2014

by david.nunes
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Asia-Pacific II 2014
6th October 2014
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There has been a huge increase of mobile Internet in APAC.  When it comes to mobile data traffic growth, ABI Research.says that it’s already clear that the Asia-Pacific region will lead the pack — generating 16.8 exabytes of traffic in 2014 for a 40.2 percent share worldwide. After launching LTE services in late 2013, China will experience a surge in data traffic in 2014. Even mature markets like South Korea and Japan will continue to see strong growth as operators boost capacity with LTE-Advanced technologies.

Considering there are almost as many mobile connections as there are humans on the planet, it seems somewhat paradoxical that the Asia Pacific region is expected to add another 1.5 billion connections between 2010 and 2015.

This growth is similar in scale to the past five years when 1.7 billion new connections were added. This year, the region will reach another milestone as it crosses the 3 billion connections mark.

Asia Pacific’s embrace of mobile communications has led to impressive revenues for mobile operators in the 17 largest countries in Asia Pacific (AP17). AP17 operators earned more than US$310 billion in revenues in 2010 compared to US$240 billion in 2008.

Overall, this means a huge growth of infrastructure, necessitating earlier implementations of latest broadband technologies. How can this be achieved at lowest cost?

Asia is forging ahead of the rest of the world in wideband, with clear results of economic improvements – will this impact the East-West socio-economic balance that is already transforming?

How would greater network speed and smarter SDF (Software Defined Fabric) change our lives?

What is the effect of trusting our entire cyber-life to the Cloud – can SDN powered Big Pipe and Big Data cope? What can SDF do for optical networks?

Is network resilience keeping up with speed and complexity of new networks? 

We are pleased to send this complimentary electronic version of the latest issue of Connect-World Asia-Pacific II 2014 for your enjoyment and information.

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Asia-Pacific II 2014
Asia-Pacific II 2014
Picture the World with Smarter, Brighter, Superfast Broadband
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 This issue is devoted to Picture the World with Smarter, Brighter, Superfast Broadband and features the following articles by sector leaders:

  • Cassidy Shield, Chief Marketing Officer, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Sam Hendry, General Manager, and
  • Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor, AVG Technologies AU Pty Ltd
  • Florin Talpes, CEO, Bitdefender
  • Chan Von Jiun, Director & General Manager Business Imaging Solutions
  • and Business Solutions Division Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Luis Corrons, PandaLabs Technical Director, Panda Security
  • Naveen Bhat, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, IXIA
  • Charles d’Aumale, Sales and Marketing VP – Security Products, ERCOM
  • Morten Landrock, Vice President EMEA & Duncan Jones, Senior Solutions Architect, Cryptomathic
  • Richard Hibbert, CEO, SureCloud
  • T. Kendal “Ken” Hunt, Chairman and CEO, VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
  • David Leporini, EVP Marketing, Products and Security, Viaccess-Orca
  • Carole Murphy, director, Voltage Security
  • Wei Shen, VP, Marketing for Power Quality, Electrical Sector – APAC, Eaton Corp.

We hope you enjoy it.

Rebecca Copeland

Rebecca Copeland



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