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Pioneering Mobile Access Enabler Re-launches as AirSense Wireless

by david.nunes

Pioneering Mobile Access Enabler Re-launches as AirSense Wireless


-New CEO King Focused on Optimising User Experience with Industry Leading Management Solution for the Hypernet-


London, UK, January 25, 2012: Enabling it to further build on opportunities in the emerging Hypernet market and drive competitive edge, Halo Networks, a London-based mobile access enablement start-up, is re-launching as AirSense Wireless. Backed by venture capital funding from Nauta Capital and DN Capital, AirSense Wireless will be headed up by new CEO, James King, former vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Evolving Systems (NASDAQ: EVOL). 


The Hypernet is increasingly gaining traction as the generic term to describe the ecosystem that results from combining the Internet with cellular and data networks. It is growing in importance today due to recent exponential growth in mobile data devices and escalating user demands for seamless and transparent data access regardless of source type.


In line with this, King plans to further increase the focus of AirSense Wireless on providing seamless connectivity and connection management across the Hypernet’s WiFi and cellular networks and moving beyond traditional data offloading to deliver mobile data management tailored to users’ needs. Critically, AirSense’s technology does this while taking into account the variables of time, place, quality of available service and type of data being requested. 


AirSense Wireless already has live deployments of its technology up and running in the UK and Europe and is currently working on further deployments with mobile operators and content providers across the region. 


According to King, “mobile content providers and mobile network operators are struggling to cope with recent explosive growth in mobile data. The problem is likely to escalate as usage of smartphones, tablets, and other data devices grow.


“AirSense Wireless has a portfolio of innovative solutions to meet these users’ urgent needs, based on the provision of seamless data and connection management. I’m excited to have the opportunity to take our ground-breaking new proposition to market.”


David Thompson, founder and chief technology officer, AirSense Wireless says, “traditional data offloading solutions can be inflexible in managing data capacity and limited in their ability to reduce cost of content. AirSense Wireless goes beyond these offerings, delivering high-quality data management, driving down content costs and becoming the first provider to deliver seamless connection management over the emerging Hypernet and with seamless switching between the Hypernet’s constituent networks. Critically, this capability is not restricted by device type, as we are able to support all device operating systems including iOS and Android straight out of the box.


“A one-size fits all approach will not work here,” he adds. “The solution should depend on network conditions and what the user is planning to use the data for. AirSense’s offering is differentiated by its ability to evaluate user applications and current network environments, effectively taking away from users the need to make difficult decisions about what application to run on which network at what time.”


The new AirSense Wireless CEO, James King has over 17 years of international sales and commercial leadership experience in the software space, covering both the mobile wireless and enterprise segments of the market. Immediately prior to joining AirSense Wireless, he worked for Evolving Systems, a market leader in the mobile telecommunications activation space, where he was for five years vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, and previous to that was the general manager for EMEA at over-the-air mobile device and SIM management leader SmartTrust.




About AirSense Wireless

Based in London, AirSense Wireless, formerly known as Halo Networks, is a mobile access enabler, focused on providing seamless connectivity and connection management to mobile operators and content providers across WiFi, cellular and other mobile networks. The organisation, which is backed by funding from Nauta Capital and DN Capital, brings together talent from cellular, network management and media backgrounds around a core of C++ and Java Development. For more information, please visit, www.airsensewireless.com


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