Pivotal and EMC Bring Fast, Easy and Modern Big Data Foundation to the Enterprise

– New Data Lake Hadoop™ bundle marries best of scale-out enterprise storage and big data and analytics to offer production-grade HDFS solution

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8, 2014


  • New Data Lake Hadoop solution from Pivotal and EMC combines massively scalable enterprise storage with leading big data and analysis capabilities.
  • Benefits include a highly scalable, efficient infrastructure, powerful, easy-to-use analytic tools and enterprise-class data protection.
  • Available today and consists of pre-configured EMC Isilon X410 nodes, HAWQ subscriptions and Pivotal HD, Pivotal’s enterprise version of Apache Hadoop.

Pivotal and EMC® announced today a new Data Lake Hadoop solution that combines massively scalable enterprise storage arrays with leading big data and analytics capabilities. The solution brings a new level of scalability, reliability and performance to HDFS-based file systems, giving enterprises all the benefits of HDFS through the world’s most advanced turnkey Hadoop solution for critical production workloads.

The Data Lake Hadoop solution marries EMC Isilon’s market-leading scale-out storage, with Pivotal HD (Hadoop Distribution) and Pivotal HAWQ, a massively parallel processing SQL compliant query engine.

Data Lakes are rapidly emerging around HDFS-based clusters to handle complex new workloads and unstructured data. Today, 67% of all capacity shipped is unstructured data, and by 2017, fueled by the Internet of Things and the proliferation of devices, 80% of all capacity shipped will be unstructured data. The Pivotal/EMC Isilon Data Lake Hadoop solution harnesses Apache Hadoop technology, providing enterprises the tools to build a modern data lake infrastructure.

“We’re delighted to marry the highly complementary capabilities from EMC and Pivotal to bring one of the most powerful data storage and analytics solutions to enterprises,” said Todd Paoletti, Vice President of Product Marketing, Pivotal. “We provide all the necessary software and hardware to create and leverage the modern Data Lake, enabling big data capabilities that are becoming essential to how businesses run and succeed today.”

The Data Lake Advantage

Pivotal and EMC have worked together to test, benchmark and size the Data Lake Hadoop solution. Enterprises will benefit from:

  • A highly scalable, efficient infrastructure that lowers costs, and easily keeps pace with growing data storage requirements: The new Isilon x410 delivers 70% increase in throughput, and 33% lower costs in MBPS, balancing high capacity and performance
  • Powerful, easy-to-use analytic tools unlock the business value of information that lives in data: Pivotal HAWQ is the world’s most advanced analytics platform for Apache Hadoop. With its cutting edge architecture, HAWQ delivers 21x faster performance against other common SQL query engines on Apache Hadoop and can support 3x the number of queries with its robust SQL compliance.
  • Enterprise class data protection to maximize availability and security options to meet business requirements

“The combination of Pivotal HD and HAWQ analytics, with Isilon X410 offers HDFS solutions that satisfy all the requirements of today’s enterprises: unrivaled storage scale and efficiency and the cost benefits through easy and fast deployments,” said Sam Grocott, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, Isilon Storage Division, EMC. “Customers get the most enterprise-grade, and easy to use Hadoop big data package, all with 24 x 7 global support and services.”

Data Lake Apache Hadoop Bundle

The new Data Lake Hadoop bundle is available today and consists of pre-configured EMC Isilon X410 nodes, HAWQ subscriptions and Pivotal HD, Pivotal’s enterprise version of Apache Hadoop. Pivotal HAWQ is the most advanced SQL standard compliance query engine for Hadoop in the market, and its massively parallel processing (MPP) is built on a decade of innovation from analytical data warehouse technologies.


EMC Federation

The EMC federated business model includes EMC Corporation Information Infrastructure (EMCii), VMware, Inc. and Pivotal Software, Inc. These businesses are strategically aligned yet each is focused on its core mission—developing the best technology and building the right partner ecosystem to best serve customers. This federated model allows us to offer best-of-breed, integrated, technology while preserving customers’ ability to choose and deploy products from other IT companies.

About Pivotal

Pivotal, the company at the intersection of big data, platform-as-service (PaaS), and agile development, helps companies transform into great software companies. Pivotal offers a complete portfolio of products that converge apps, data and analytics along with Pivotal’s comprehensive PaaS platform, powered by Cloud Foundry®.

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