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Pixelmetrix Electronic Couch Potato™ bags the Highly Commended Product of the Year Award

by david.nunes

Amsterdam, IBC Booth 1B24, September 13, 2010 – Pixelmetrix, the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks, snapped up the Cable & Satellite International (CSI) 2010 Highly Commended Product of the Year Award – Best Monitoring & Network Management Solution for its Electronic Couch Potato™ (ECP).

Danny Wilson, President & CEO, Pixelmetrix said, “More than just having one of the most catchy product names in the industry, the innovative, unique applications of the Electronic Couch Potato™ solves real business problems – it truly provides greater visibility of QoS/QoE while reducing OPEX.”

Goran Nastic, Editor, CSI, said, “This year, we have received overwhelming entries of highly innovative products for all the 18 categories.  Competition was stiff. It was a close call between the Pixelmetrix Electronic Couch Potato™ and another contender.  In the end, it certainly deserved the Highly Commended Award for its unique solution set.”

The ECP connects after the Set Top Box (STB) and provides feedback on various service quality parameters to a central site.  It can emulate an end-user changing channels on a STB via a built-in infrared (IR) transmitter.  Service plan verification, channel switching and multiple measurements on service quality for each channel reported to a central management console, give service providers valuable insight into the viewer experience and confirms the availability of subscribed-to channels.

The ECP is a programmable test robot that monitors true customer viewing experience by providing measurements from the end point of the content delivery chain.  This flexibility means numerous, customer-specific applications can be quickly developed and easily deployed.  We continuously expand our library of such applications.  Among those, the Automated Channel Package Audit application of the ECP proved effective for quality assurance and monitoring of multi-region networks with central headends and vast channel options.

With the recent addition of the Parental Control Audit application, the ECP can now provide automatic verification of parental controls on adult channels.  Scanning all channels, it checks for a locked screen message on adult channels, and after entering the PIN code, proceed to verify correct playout.

Pixelmetrix develops a host of IPTV and Preventive Monitoring systems that offer unique attributes and versatility, allowing operators to achieve end-to-end visibility and keep tabs on their network architecture.

The IBC show will be held from September 10 to 14 at the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam.

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