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Pixelmetrix launches OMG-Lite, as part of its OTT Media Grinder (OMG) QoS/QoE for Streaming Video product line expansion

by david.nunes

Pixelmetrix launches OMG-Lite, as part of its OTT Media Grinder (OMG) QoS/QoE for Streaming Video product line expansion

Singapore, April 23, 2013 – Pixelmetrix, a leading innovator for professional video and television solutions, has launched the OTT Media Grinder (OMG) Lite, simply referred to as the OMG-Lite, widening its OTT product line to meet any budget or requirement.

Providing the same insight into OTT subscriber as its big brother, the OTT Media Grinder (OMG), the OMG-Lite provides multi-client simulation at price levels comparable to today’s smartphones on the market. Following the upgrade of the OMG with Service Quality Analytics, the OMG-Lite is the answer to operators seeking a simple, yet effective source information about their service quality. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, the OMG-Lite is capable of generating up to 1 Gbps of OTT client traffic, and emulating up to 10 clients, all while collecting comprehensive measurement data.

Danny WilsonPixelmetrix President & CEO said, “We’re observing steady demands and streams of encouraging feedback from customers and prospective customers alike, on our OMG offering. While the OMG-Lite fits well on a shoestring budget, there is no shortfall on functionality. It’s all about customers’ choice – compared to more complicated products on the market, customers can choose any combination of the OMG-Lite and/or full-featured OMG to best suit their environments.”

The OMG-Lite also collects key QoS performance statistics on the seven key VideoMarginTM Metrics as well as other performance information, including HTTP error codes. User-definable test plans can be executed at will, and the system provides long-term storage of historical results for regular reports or instant viewing.

Pixelmetrix develops a host of Preventive Monitoring Solutions, for Quality of Service and Quality of Experience, that offer unique attributes and versatility, allowing operators to achieve end-to-end visibility, and keep tabs on their network architecture while reducing operating expenses.

About Pixelmetrix Corporation

Pixelmetrix Corporation is the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital, cable, terrestrial and IPTV networks.  The company provides equipment and network intelligence systems to television broadcasters for the management and monitoring of quality of service and quality of experience.  Headquartered in Singapore, Pixelmetrix has offices in the United States and Europe.

Pixelmetrix suite of quality assurance solutions are featured as the Emmy® Award winning DVStationDVStation-Mini3DVStation-Remote, DVStation-Pod, DVStation-IP3DVStor2IPGenDVProbe-CDVProbe-S2, DPI Auditor, EndGame, Electronic Couch PotatoECP ConsolidatorStationViewConsolidator, ConsolidatorPlus, OTT Media Grinder, OMG-Lite and Pelican. These are trademarks of Pixelmetrix Corporation.

Pixelmetrix clientele include AT&T, Arqiva, Bharti/Airtel, British Telecom, CBS, CNN/Turner Networks, Canal+, Discovery Networks, Disney, ESPN, Eutelsat, Fox, HBO, KPBS, KPN, NBC, NHK, NTT, Rai Way, Reliance, Rogers, Sky PerfecTV! Japan, SoftBank, Telefutura, Telstra, Telus, Towercast, Univision, Verizon, Viacom, Virgin Media and more.

Pixelmetrix has been conferred the TV Technology STAR Awards (Superior Technology Award Recipient) 2012 (twice), 2009, 2007, 2004 and 2000, Cable & Satellite International Highly Commended Product of the Year Award 2010, Frost & Sullivan Industrial Technologies Award 2009, C+T Technology Development Award 2009, Cable & Satellite International Product of the Year Award 2008, Engineering & Technology Emmy® Award 2007, Broadcast Engineering publication Pick Hit Awards 2008 and 2005, BIRTV Product of the Year Award 2006, Cable-Satellite/Mediacast Product of the Year Awards 2004 and 2003, as well as the Peter Wayne Award 2000, for Best Design and Innovation.

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