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PoINT Storage Manager supports EMC storage

by david.nunes

PoINT Storage Manager supports EMC storage

PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has announced, that the current version of PoINT Storage Manager supports additional storage systems of EMC.

May 10th 2012 – PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has announced today, that the current version of PoINT Storage Manager supports additional storage systems of EMC. Thus for example hard disk – /SSD-based NAS systems manufactured by EMC can seamlessly be integrated in a Tiered Storage Architecture. The support of EMC Atmos for the Capacity and Archive Tier is also planned. Interested customers can buy PoINT Storage Manager together with EMC products via Orchestra Service GmbH, which PoINT nominated as a new distribution partner for DACH.

PoINT Storage Manager is a software solution, which implements a tiered storage architecture by policy-based data management with automated and transparent file migration and storage as well as migration between various tiers. According to defined policies inactive data stored in expensive primary storage devices as part of the performance tier is migrated to the cost-effective secondary storage in the capacity or archive tier. In this case the current release of PoINT Storage Manager also supports the unified storage solution of EMC as primary storage of the performance tier.

Inactive Data – these are usually up to 80% of the total data volume – is migrated to cost-effective secondary storage by the PoINT EMC FileMover Agent and replaced by so-called “stubs”. By this concept a homogeneous standardized file system access (“Single Path Access”) to the overall storage system is available for users and applications.

Storage devices configured in the archive tier are used by PoINT Storage Manager for long-term archiving, e.g. EMC Centera as a CAS-System. Files stored in the archive tier are protected against modifications from the perspective of the primary storage (WORM mode). Files to be archived are packed in so-called containers per archive job, which in turn are stored as files in the archive storage. Depending on the configured archive storage system the files to be archived can optionally be stored in native format, too.

By the extended support of EMC storage products PoINT Software & Systems GmbH could win Orchestra Service GmbH located in Gilching near Munich as a distributor for DACH. Orchestra has the largest team in Europe for the support of EMC software products.

About PoINT (www.point.de)
PoINT Software & Systems GmbH is specialized in the development of software products and systems solutions for storage and management of data using all available mass storage technologies like hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. Close collaboration with leading hardware manufacturers enables an early support of innovative storage technologies. Besides these complete solutions PoINT also offers its know-how as Toolkits, which can be easily integrated in other applications by the programming interface. Furthermore we project entire storage solutions and provide consultancy with our long-term and versatile experience.
PoINT products are distributed by 50 partners in more than 25 countries world-wide and have been installed successfully in more than 2 million installations. Our customers range from end users expecting a compact and secure solution to large corporations, which comply with our solutions their complex demands by providing the necessary reliability and perfection.


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